How To Apply Foundation

To apply foundation, use a disposable, white, triangular synthetic sponge, a fatter washable sponge, or your fingertips. Do not use a natural sea sponge; it absorbs a surprising volume of foundation and leaves nothing for your face.
Apply foundation to the center of cheeks and forehead and blend toward the edge of your face to assure even coverage. Do not apply to eyelids or under eyes when you have already applied concealer. (Foundation will negate the lightening effect of the concealer.) Start with less foundation than you think you need it’s easier to add a little more later than to remove it. Blend gently and carefully, especially around the nose and mouth.
If you feel you’ve put on too much or that you have created a lumpy texture, use the flats of both hands to smooth over your face, moving gently from the center toward the hairline and jawline. Use consistent pressure and a slow, smooth movement don’t tug on or rub skin. If there’s still too much visible foundation, use a tissue to lift off the excess. Again, don’t rub or else everything will come off.
To set the foundation, take a velour powder puff and use it to press powder over the foundation; this locks the foundation into place and helps prevent oil breakthrough. Dust off excess powder with powder brush.
You don’t need to use foundation all over your face; you can also dot it on trouble spots, then blend.
To conceal blemishes, apply foundation using a concealer brush. Do not use concealer; since it is lighter than your skin tone, it will only draw light and attention to the area. Because your foundation matches your skin tone, anything it covers should disappear. Foundation is also moisturizing, which makes for a smoother, creamier finish. Remember to use powder to lock in foundation.

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