Women sometimes ask me: âœDo I really need a lip brush?❠My instinct tells me that if someone poses the question, the answer is that a lip brush is probably not needed! Whether to use one or not is really quite simple: If you wear only neutral lip colors, you probably do not need to use a lip brush. A lip brush is necessary when applying more serious lip shades red, plum, burgundy any color that is in big contrast to your natural lip tone. Using a brush allows for a richer, more accurate application of color.

â¢Using a lip brush, coat on lip color. Don’t attempt to paint on a shape that isn’t there; follow the natural line of your mouth. Don’t forget the corners of your mouth open wide to get the best angle.

â¢Next, choose a lip pencil that is the same shade as your lip color (or one shade darker) to outline your mouth. Do not go beyond the natural line of the lips (i.e., don’t overdraw the lip line); it looks artificial.

â¢Blot with a tissue, if necessary, to remove excess color and smooth the texture.

Note: For long-lasting color, use a soft lip pencil to fill in entire lip before applying lipstick.


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