How to apply rimel?

How to apply rimel?

Hints for rimel Give up the habit of pumping your rimel brush for paint application everywhere.

This action causes air to enter the tube and quickly dry out.

Use a transparent mascara for a natural, slightly wet look that fits very nicely with a light makeup. This mascara can also be used to form eyebrows.

By placing a handkerchief under the eyelid diploma when riming, you can avoid a possible complication. Especially ideal for nervous and juicy eyes.

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If your eyelashes are too short, the extender rimler will make a huge difference. Microscopic fibers are added to the tip of your lashes to make them look longer than they are. But do not use extreme mascara on your eyes.

Because thickening rimbers contain silicones that inflate the appearance of your own eyelashes, they create an image as if your lashes are present.

If you mess around while riding, you can gently squeeze the stain by soaking a makeup paste with an oil-free eye makeup remover or by soaking it in the foundation.

You can occasionally rinse with soapy water to prevent the rimel brush from drying and solidifying. However, you should wait completely dry before using.

If your eyelashes are stuck together or there is a mascara on them, brush with a lash brush or a cleaned mascara brush.

Do not share your rumina with anyone, and even if it’s not over after three months since you bought it, throw it away.

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