How to Blake Livelys Hair from the Green Lantern Premiere

Blake Lively inspiring tutorial. I loved this one from a recent red carpet that Blake likely did. I thought it was. So pretty, and just casual but beautiful, and all the things that. I loved in the hairstyle, and it’s also really simple. So I thought. I would go ahead, and throw it together for you guys. I think the is actually if you skip the little accessory up here. I think it’s a very everyday wearable hairstyle, and it’s also dress up a bowl if you want it to be with a little brooch in some like a fabulous dress, and jewelry, and all of that. So I think that’s it. I hope you guys like it. I really like it, and that’s it, I’ll see you my next tutorial. I start by sectioning off the hair from the crown of your head up like you’re doing a half up half down hairstyle, and pull it over to one side leave your fringe or there that would be in your fringe out. Because we’re going to use that later, and see here that with a really small band if you have a clear one that would be ideal you’re just going to create a little ponytail here, and then go ahead, and split that ponytail in half, and secure one hat out of the way then break the other half normally all the way down using about a medium level of hotness you don’t want to do it really tight but definitely not lose. Because we’re going to loosen it up a bit later then fishtail braid the second section.

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If you don’t know how to do a fishtail braid, I’ll include a link to my rate encyclopedia post in the description box, and you can check that out for more helpful tips on how to do a fishtail braid my advice for doing a fishtail braid is to use really tiny pieces to overlap. Because it creates a really great look it takes. So much longer but it’s really pretty, and if you’re doing this for a formal event it will be a really cool tip to use to help get the extra edge to your hairstyle, and once you finish that you can go ahead, and secure these braids out of the way, and now we’re going to mess with the texture of your hair if your hair can scrunch easily. I recommend scrub through your hair before you ever get started with this but if you’re like me, and your hair doesn’t curl the is what we’re going to do start using a heat protestant, and some surf hair products, I’ll using FX surf head, and the is from the drugstore you can get it for like. I think you just use a tiny amount warm it up in your hands, and then scrunch it through your hair, I’ll just using this to get a little bit a little more matte effect in my hair, and to help, and mess up a little bit. Because my hair is just straight, and shiny, and it doesn’t like to do anything else then, I’ll going to take my one-inch hot tools iron then, I’ll just going to wrap on large sections of hair around it doing this to crater really tighten, I’ll actually just trying to create a really loose somewhat curly weight.

So if you have just a wand or a clip less curling iron you can do this trick as well but don’t stress too much about getting really nice tight curls the is about creating that beach texture then use the volumizing hairspray, and spray that through the hair, and then just scrunch it up a little bit, and then pull it apart just to create that little messy texture then let your braids down, and we can start arranging the hair around is to take your hair that should be your fringe, and take that over the top of the braids, and pin it in place, and then take little sections from the other side about an inch to an inch, and a half, and bring them around, and pin them on top of the braid as well that we are going to get this cool side swept effect. Because we’re going to take about three or four sections from the one side over it to the other. So you get all your hair over there if you have thicker hair you can use larger sections. Because you don’t want to end up using six or seven sections that would be just a little bit over the top, and sorry about my camera here. I had to switch my camera out for these couple shots. And I know this one doesn’t look as good, I’ll sorry but yeah. So that’s what you’re going to do just keep bringing sections over until you have it all on the one side, and then use a little bit more surf product to loosen up the braids, and you definitely want to create a messy texture here but don’t must look too much you just want it to look really natural somewhat bohemian, and casual kind of feel, and then you can use your fingers to back comb through the hair if you need to create a little bit more mess, and then you can just seal off the very end of the hair with the hairband, and that’s it.

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