Hi everybody, Welcome back to my blog everybody. I’m so glad you could make it for another post well today is going to be another hair tutorial hence the the crazy braided hairstyle and we just quickly show you what it looks like it’s really simple, I kind of wanted to make it more messy more texturized and, I don’t know, I really like it it’s kind of different, I do we know what kind of hairstyle really is it’s a mixture of two braids Dutch two braids yes – two braids Dutch and lace braids basically what a Dutch braid is is a reverse french braid where instead of tucking the hairs on top of each other you do underneath and a lace braid is where you add hair to only one section instead of all three. But. If you want to see this hairstyle keep reading okay. So to begin this tutorial I’m going to add a little bit of dry texturizer and spray this is the orbit dry texturizing spray and it is a little bit pricey. But it is a really big bottle and alas – a long time and a little does go a long way basically focus towards the top of my hair that’s where, I want the most texture alright moving on I’m gonna just literally just go down the middle of my head and just separate my hair into two sections I’m gonna just take a hair tie and then just tie it back see just like that you don’t have to be precise.


Because it is it is a more Messier luck. So take the section out okay. So our braid as you can see it’s going back it’s not going sideways. So what we do is, I grab a section of hair doesn’t have to doesn’t don’t make it too big and then instead of taking it sideways we’re going to bring the hair back like. So just bring it back and then we just divide it into a regular braid three sections like a regular braid one two and three three sections okay. So we’re going to start braiding with the section closest to the part we’re going to bring it underneath underneath like. So bring that top section over and bring this section underneath the middle part and then take that middle part that we talked it under bring it over to the side like.

So we’re going to do that one more time without adding any hair taking this section underneath bring this over and then taking this section this one underneath the one that we just brought over and then we’re going to start adding hair from this side all the way to the part to that middle section only repeat bring this underneath take this section bring it over to the side take this section bring it underneath and this is where we’re going to add the hair again from this side all the way to the middle and then we’re going to add a right to that middle section and repeat all the way down over underneath and add just tie off the ends okay. So now that the braids are done we’re going to go in and loosen the braids just like. So and. If any in funny hair pieces like fall out you can always take a bobby pin and pin it back in place okay. So now that you see that, I kind of loosen up the braid you can make it as messy or as perfect as you want just kind of mess it up we’re going to take them like this and then we’re just going to twist them one two and then three times and then we’re just going to take the ends and start tucking them underneath and secure you probably need at least one or two bobby pins to secure it alright. So here is my finished product hope you guys liked it it was very easy. But let me know.

If my instructions actually were helpful and you guys understood what, I was saying kind of showed you what, I was doing. Because braids are really hard to explain. If you’ve never done them before, I figured this is a good hairstyle for those that have short to medium hair have a ton of layers. Because it is doable, I have a ton of layers and you can see that some of them fall out. But. If anything you can just pin them back you can make this hairstyle even more Messier you can make a cleaner whatever you want. If you guys like these types of posts and you want more tutorials please let me know in the comments down below don’t forget to hit the thumbs up button and.

If not already please subscribe to my blog. But as always thank you for reading my posts and I’ll see you next time.

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