HOW TO Bronze Smokey Eye Modern Renaissance Palette Tutorial

Hello my lovelies Hey all, Welcome back we are doing another makeup look today and this is gonna be the bronze e golden glow a look for the summer, I love these types of looks especially. Because your bronze your tan and your glowing all the time I’m always going. Because it’s super hide humid here in Florida and, I don’t mind at all. Because why not right you look healthy. But on that note let’s jump into the makeup tutorial and start doing this look right here I’m going to start off with my face first and then I’m gonna move on to the eyes.

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So first I’m priming my face he’s in the pores no more by dr. Brandt this is a really great face primer just applying it to the area is where, I wanna primed and then I’m gonna go back in with my fingers and gently Pat it into my skin a little goes a long way with this primer. Because. If you start piling up in one spot it’s gonna clump with the foundation, and it’s not going to set at all alright. So once I’m done with a primer, and it’s set I’m gonna go away with my favorite NARS sheer glow foundation of choice for today and using the artiste oval 7 brush I’m just gonna pick some up on my hand just a little bit and start applying it to my face, I know there’s a lot of preference of how to apply foundation what’s your preference do like to apply to your face first and then go into the brush or do you like to put on the back of your hand and just take the brush just apply it ballet, I apologize, I can’t really talk too loud. Because my throat is really sore, I came home from fourth of July from up north in New York we had a big family reunion on my mom’s side and, I got a pretty bad sore throat. So I’m not trying to strain it too much you guys have a good 4th of July next I’m using for the concealer I’m using the it cosmetics bye bye under-eye waterproof concealer and I’m mixing two shades light and medium neutral and a little goes a long way with this concealer as well.

Because it’s super opaque concentrating majority of the concealer right here in a corner of my eyes just where the black areas are I’m taking one of my favorite dual under brushes by a cosmetics it’s their number 7 dual complexion brush and I’m just taking the smaller pointed edge and just fix+ sprayed it a little bit on it to get it a little bit dampen and then I’m just going to blend out my concealer I’m gonna do a little bit of baking with my NARS Luis translucent powder with my dampened Real Techniques sponge just takes them on the back. So I’m gonna place it right underneath my eyes where, I set the concealer you guys see my post where, I compared the Real Techniques sponge versus the Beauty Blender just thought I’d drop that in there and, I don’t like to leave my bake on for too long, I just go back in with a simple brush and, I just wipe off the excess if, I can find the brush where is it found it now that I’m done with the facespace for now I’m gonna move on to the eyes and, I just pry my eyelids and then we’re gonna move on to this awesome beautiful palette modern Renaissance by anastasia beverly hills just look at how beautiful this is. So many beautiful colors I’m just. So excited. So I’m gonna pick up this shader here at the tempura and this is the lightest shade in the palette and it has look at this beautiful soft Sheen glow to it picking it up on the Mac 239 eyes shadow brush I’m gonna apply this right below my eyebrows basically in the high points of my eyelids taking Mac 242 eye shadow brush I’m gonna pack on primavera it’s a beautiful golden shimmery shade I’m gonna pack it on pretty well and I’m gonna take some fix+ and I’m gonna wet it and I’m gonna apply it right onto my lid this color is. So insanely beautiful it looks like liquid gold, I just keep going back and just applying more let me just just look at that it’s so beautiful just a quick trick. So for my eyes they’re slightly hooded and this is a great tip for hooded eyes.

So you see when you look straight at somebody and your eyes are kind of shut make sure when you bring the eye shadow you go a little bit slightly past your crease. So you see my creases right here I’m gonna go slightly past. So that way when I’m looking at somebody’s straight you can still see the eye shadow popping on the eyelid start enough with this beautiful raw Sienna shade it’s just a beautiful matte light brown and I’m just gonna work my way up to a darker Brown starting on the outer portion of my eyelids I’m just gonna pop that in right there and then once majority of the color is concentrated right here in the outer corner I’m gonna start bringing my my brush all the way to the inner corner of my eye in the same blending brush to 1-7 I’m gonna take the color burnt orange right next to it just like before concentrating majority of the color on the outer portions of my eye and then just building my way up now I’m gonna take the darkest brown Cypress number with the same Mac to one seven blending brush taking the brown shade I’m gonna place it right in the outer corner kind of like on top of the other Brown shades that we just did. If you ever noticed, I like to build my way up to the intensity instead of just plopping up as much, I shadow as, I can and then trying to blend it out. So that’s kind of my trick, I do it first very light and then, I build my way up just as before I’m working majority the color on the outer portion of my eye and then just kind of sweeping it towards the middle and up my crease. So once you get the desired darkness and depth on the outer corners of your eyes I’m gonna go back in and just kind of smoke out the edges just very gently without any extra on the brush just take very gently and just smoke it out. Because, I lost some of that liquid gold in my eyes I’m gonna go back in with the shade primavera and just add a little bit more to the center of my lid now I’m gonna move on to the lower lash line we’re gonna smoke it out as well taking a small smudge brush by Sigma this is the e21 I’m gonna take raw Sienna first and I’m gonna mix it in with burnt orange starting from the outer corner and I’m gonna make my way towards not all the way in the inner corner by stopping where my eyelashes stop same thing as the top portion of my eyes, I like to build the intensity very slowly on the lower portion as well starting very light and building my weight up.

So, I don’t add too much eyeshadow at once now to finish off the lower lash line with the eye shadows we’re gonna take some this beautiful gold shade Primavera again an another different smudger brush this by japonesque three for one and this is just gonna add that beautiful glowy bronze look to the lower lash line take a black or a brown eyeliner and I’m gonna apply it right onto the outer corner of my eyes I’m just gonna bring it like 3/4 of the way in and then just do a slight wing and work rather quick with this. Because we’re gonna smoke it out with an eye shadow taking this same smudger brush by Sigma into e21 and I’m gonna take this beautiful antique bronze shade to help smudge out the eyeliner oh wow that is. So pretty it’s gonna look a red and brown tint to it oh that is very nice. Because, I have eyelash extensions I’m not gonna touch them at all and I’m just gonna apply mascara to my lower lashes this is where you can apply some falsies. If you’d like or just simple mascara all right. So now that I’m done with my eyes I’m gonna move on to the face and finish it off and just give it a little bit more definition and color. So I’m gonna start off with Physicians Formula butter bronzer in the shade light bronze and then I’m adding some to my lower jaw line just to get rid of that double chin I’m kidding, I know, I don’t have one.

But I just like that it gives a little bit more definition to my jaw line as well therefore my cheek color I’m gonna use the Becca Jacqueline Hale face palette collection and I’m gonna go in for this beautiful shade right here rose spritz has this beautiful like the specks of gold what’s. So pretty like look how pigmented that is, I just make sure, I tap off the excess for the highlight I’m gonna go with Prosecco pop there’s just a very beautiful gold highlight yeah that’s. So pretty. If you want to make her highlight even more intense just apply some fix+ just make your brush a little bit damp and apply like that same thing with the eye shadows like, I was doing makes it super intense and it opaque that’s to finish off the face we’re gonna move on to the leaves. So I’m going in with Estee Lauder in the shade 120 desireable this is just a beautiful pinky nude and that’s it this is my completed easy bronzy look for the summer, I hope you guys liked it let me know what you think in the comment section below hit the thumbs up button. If you liked it thank you so much for reading this post guys and spending some time with me I’m gonna go get some food right now arrest my throat and I’ll see you guys very soon in an upcoming post love you all bye.

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