If one of the twins comes out of the incubator before the other, put her to the breast in the underarm position shown in the sketch so that she gets used to feeding in that position.

When you have two babies to feed, make a comfortable ‹“nest’ of cushions on the bed or on the floor. Settle the babies in position, then squeeze yourself between, and scoop them up under your arms. In the first week or two you will need help to fix the babies on the breast, but before long their rooting instinct will guide them and they will attach by themselves.

To wind them, take one baby off the breast and hold her against your shoulder or seat her in a baby chair in front of you. Due to the frequency with which the breasts are stimulated, an inadequate milk supply is seldom a problem when feeding twins, particularly in the first few months.

It is advisable to feed both at the same time or you will be feeding round the clock. Other complications such as mastitis are uncommon when breast feeding twins, and once you have got it going it is a great labour and cost saver, besides being ideal for the babies, and giving them a special opportunity to bond with their mother.

Triplets. Breast feeding triplets is not as impossible as it sounds. You may wish you were an octopus at times but that would apply even if you were not breast feeding. And think of the saving in formula and the health benefits to your babies. The basic technique is the same as for feeding twins, but you will have to seat one of the babies near you in an infant chair and have another chair for winding.

The baby who was fed first at the previous feed should be fed last the next time. To keep track of the rotation order you could mark little safety pins with a coloured ribbon, say, red for first and blue for second, and pin to the babies’ clothes after the feed. The baby without a tag would automatically be the last one fed. If one of the babies is screaming for food you would of course feed her first, regardless of the pecking order. If all three are screaming, hold one at bay with a dummy or bottle of cooled boiled water or fruit juice.


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