How to choose a good lipstick

Shape Quiz

The shape of a favorite lipstick says a lot about how you are putting it on and what, possibly, you are doing wrong.

Flat: Chances are you’re applying lip color to the lower lip and then smacking your lips together to spread onto top lip. This is a good emergency measure when you have no mirror, but you risk leaving the corners of your mouth bare. (I often apply lipstick this way myself when I am in public and need to be fast.)

Pyramid: A good sign that you are probably applying lipstick individually to both lips and, if you are careful, getting the corners covered for an even look. Drop-Off Slope: If your lipstick comes to a narrow point on one side that slopes off, you are probably placing the lipstick between the lips, pressing your mouth on the stick and running color along the length of your mouth for simultaneous two-lip application. With this technique, you risk depositing too much color at the corners of your mouth, so be sure to do a lip check in the mirror. You also may end up wasting quite a bit of the tube: In wearing it down in a lopsided fashion, the narrow part will eventually break off. It can be a messy nuisance.

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