How to choose lip color for african skin?

Answer: The lighter your lips’ natural tone, the lighter your lipstick. If a lipstick looks pretty on your friend, don’t assume it will work for you. Steer clear of ashy, pale colors. If you like pale, find richly pigmented pale lipsticks. At all costs, avoid the 1960s pale lip look of Diana Ross and the Supremes. We’re over that!

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Similarly, although a man who thoroughly understands the existential mode of reality may seem to do a great variety of good and evil to help others, the poison of covetous thought for essential objects has become like nectar, because it has been neutralized in the sphere of radiant light. When he understands that there is no real foundation for poison seeming to be nectar, he should not be reproached for any action. That is more or less a description of what a person does when he understands the relationship between the phenomenal world and reality. For him, there is no absolute good and absolute evil. It is like the vapor from the ocean, which has produced drinking water but is no longer salty. In a similar way, all the vikalpa and traces and dispositions are transformed so our actions are no longer tainted by our emotional imbalance and intellectual bewilderment. However, we should remind ourselves that you cannot just be a tantrika. You need all kinds of training behind it and these things are only done by exceptional beings. The idea of something that remains is dispensed with in Mahamudra literature. They retain the positive quality of shunyata, but they do not say shunyata is left behind as a residue when subject and object are removed.

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