Hi everyone, A very pragmatic post today: how to clean shoes. it depends on the material of course, so I’m gonna show you different types of surfaces different types of materials and what I would do to each of them. It’s not painful. I use homemade mixes I don’t believe in specific products bla bla bla design especially for this and that type of stain I think it’s more realistic to use what you have in your house, so nothing fancy, you will see. And the first one is a tricky one and that’s suede. So I would start with a brush like this on suede. The hair shouldn’t be too stiff too too harsh. A toothbrush that has soft hair will do the job too, but you would need longer. I scrub gently with that brush all over the shoe to remove first the dry dust If I see a stain I can brush there a little bit harder But not too hard because you’re on leather so that’s quite sensitive. If the stain is still here Then I can go in with a wet eraser also something you have at home People say you can also use a nail file on suede on the little hairs to get rid of the stain I say don’t use a nail file because you’re scratching away Hairs that are part of the skin of the leather.


So it makes the fabric thinner and your shoes would wear out a lot faster. So I would not recommend to use a file at all. If the stain is still there I put a bit of white vinegar on a cloth or on an old t-shirt, some fabric and I rub softly on the stain with that. Do not use dark vinegar on that like Balsamic and coke, all those fancy sorts, because the result would be a stain so always and only white very clear vinegar. Then Sheepskin is a special one typically used on winter boots like that one. The surface is also not completely smooth It’s also a little bit hairy like this suede, but the surface is a bit differently treated so we also need to care for it differently. First you can start with the brush like for the suede then with an eraser and Then if you still have stains you can wipe them off, kind of, with a cloth Dipped into a mix of cold water and white vinegar Half cold water, half vinegar. Then you will need to rinse that off with water to wash away the vinegar But avoid making the surface too wet the fabric is not actually waterproof It’s only water repellent, so if you put too much water on top It’s gonna absorb it and go into the shoe. For that you can use a wet sponge Not completely soaked. You need to squeeze it a couple of times before applying it onto the surface so you have the right amount of water. Let the boots air dry but before you leave them to dry, stuff the front part here the toe area with newspaper inside to preserve this rounded shape.

The next one is leather typically on leather that is smooth and really flat Nicely tanned. A stain simply looks like a darker area somewhere So to get rid of that, I use cold water and white vinegar again half-half in the proportions like previously Every time you do that and you apply the water and the vinegar You let it dry completely and you will see the dark area of your liquid completely disappears, it leaves no mark, and you can repeat that until the stain has disappeared. Every now and then this kind of smooth leather might get a bit dry and it needs to be nourished so you can use a cream like this, shoe cream, transparent one. If you have one like that that works for all your shoes, or you use a tinted one, this is black, but only if that’s the exact color match in your shoe, so I would use that on black leather period, for all the rest I will use one like this. Don’t even try to turn light brown shoes into Dark brown shoes by using a dark brown cream. The result would just be one big stain on your light brown shoe. And if you have shoes that are in shiny leather like coated really high gloss leather I use window cleaner and a tissue and that’s perfect. Then we have the type of shoe made of canvas, cotton like fabric on the surface, typically one like that. I will always start with a brush and brush, really brush. Like, don’t be afraid to scratch it. It’s resistant enough. You want to get rid of all the dust you can, before we make it wet because that’s coming later And if you make that fabric wet it’s gonna absorb the dust, so get rid of the dust first. Then you can put this type of shoe into your washing machine Very quickly 30 minutes, 40 minutes max. That’s more than you need Delicate program and cold water. If you don’t use cold water the fabric is going to shrink, it’s fabric after all. Rope shoes like those ones or like Spanish espadrilles, a typical summer shoe can’t be washed and you also can’t walk into water with them, or else the sole especially, is gonna become hard as wood.

If you screwed up a pair of espadrilles during summer you know exactly what I mean. The only option here is to keep them dry and use that little brush again and brush in the direction of the little braids one by one. Not in the other direction because that would break the fibers. Rope is not a fine Spun yarn so to speak, so you need to stay in the direction in which it’s going to not break the fibers. Rubber shoes like Sneakers that are white or the sole of this wet shoe can be clean with a bit more aggressivity for that rubber area and only if it’s white rubber you can use acetone free nail polish remover or Strongly diluted bleach. One portion of bleach five portions of cold water. One sixth of the total is bleach maximum, that’s enough. And then you need to always rinse that off really well because bleach is the horrible thing that keeps eating up whatever material you put it on. If you’re using nail polish remover or bleach Onto a rubber part of a shoe. This is rubber. This is leather or on the black Fabric shoes that I showed earlier, the top is fabric the sole is rubber. If that was white Make sure that you don’t touch the other material because that’s too aggressive for anything else than plastic. By the way if you have sneakers that have laces on them The laces are basically fabric so you can machine wash them with your regular clothes Just remember to put them not Directly like that into the drum, but into a net, the same kind of net that you use for your underwear. That’s to prevent this long thing From getting into the holes of the drum big problem So make sure to wrap them into something before you put them into the machine.

Other than that, you’re good Then we have mesh like on running shoes, this area here microblabla micro web, whatever This doesn’t like to be machine washed It’s not that stable especially in the shape and it might shrink But you can perfectly clean that with a brush, as we did before, and you could also dip that brush into a cup of water In which you’ve put a little bit of detergent, like one little spoon And then brush brush brush until it’s gone. At the end rinse it off with a sponge That’s really soaked into water. It’s okay to get that kind of synthetic mesh wet Just not into the washing machine. Thumbs up if you’ve learnt something useful in this post I really hope you did. Two more important things to remember: The first one is, if you’re not quite sure about which Thing to use onto which material do a little test first on a little corner, let it dry, see how it Reacts or use an old pair of shoes first to avoid screwing up your brand new pumps, if you know what I mean. Second point, if you do use something that has bleach or bleach mix at some point, please do that with the window wide open or do it outside, even better It is toxic. Don’t breathe that in, try to avoid it as much as you can. Last but not least, next week I would love to do a full Q&A post So if there’s any question that you’d like me to answer about me, my job, fashion in general, previous posts, things that you’ve always wondered Feel free to write those questions here below in the comments and I’ll choose from there, from Twitter and from Instagram. Also make sure to comment to this My blog So you actually get the answer to the question you’ve asked. In a week from now. So on Sunday next week See you on capsule wardrobe Wednesday before that Take care and have a great Sunday. Bye guys.

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