How To Contour Eyebrows Tutorial

Hi everybody, Welcome back its Abby, I wanted to create a really fun series for you guys called explore with me. So, basically on one side its going to be a toned down looks, and not the other side its going to be way more dramatic, and sometime even questionable.. But you guys are going to be the judge of which side looks better. And today its going to be all about contouring or highlighting the eyebrows. So, lets get started.

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So, the first step for this right side, this is going to be more of the toned, less drastic side. And Im going to start outlining the bottom eyebrow with the a concealer that is the closest shade to my skin tone. this is basically just going to help exentuate my eyebrow, lifting and highlighting the bottom portion. And then doing exactly the same thing to the very top of the brow. Just very, start gently outlining, then connecting to that little portion from underneath. As you can see instantly give the eyebrow a more lifted chiseled look without looking overly dramatic. Once, I have the concealer blended, im going to put a light layer of powdered highlight right on my brow bone.

And then bring some up right on the temples, right above the brow. Alright lets move on to the drastic side, my left side. This is where im going to take the concealer that is way to light for my skin tone and just start doing exactly the same thing as, I did to my right side, and just start outlining it. And then doing the very same thing to the top of my brow. im just going to outline lightly, just like this. So if you dont like the blended look or want a really chiseled eyebrow, you could just stop write here and just, you know, just go out like this, I was just kidding.

Lets start blending it out, I have a pretty funny story to tell you guys, I was shopping in Publix a coupe of days ago, and, I was buying some stuff and, I was already at the cash register line, and she was already scanning my products,, I was already about to pay and, I was getting my card out of my wallet, and, I wast looking or paying attention, I looked over just to make sure she scanned everything,, I looked over, and a bag of my chips is replaced with another bag of healthier chips from the girl thats behind me, I just got this really confused look on my face. Because thats weird. So this lady behind me literally switched her healthier, like, veggie sticks, her chips, with my salt and vinegar chips.

, I was like aaaagh, this one, this ones are mine, not there ones. It was. So weird. that has never happened to me before, she tried to steal my ships. Has that ever happened to you guys?. So now that the concealer is all blended, and its looking really good, Im going to go with powdered highlight and just make it even more dramatic. So there you have it, our first post of explore with me, where we figure out the contouring, the highlighting of eyebrow.

You can see the right side is toned down its wearable and the left side is way more dramatic and sometimes even questionable. What do you guys think? Which side is better and do you even do this, contouring the eyebrows? Also, let me know what other post you would want to see in the future of this type of post. Thank you so much for reading and spending time with me and Ill see you guys next time, Bye.

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