How To Corset Hair

Hi how are you doing today I’m going to show you how to do this beautiful hair cell they’re super easy to do it takes literally a couple of minutes. So let’s begin.

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So, I call this hair cell of course that hairstyle because, I think it kind of looks like a corset and the trick of this hairstyle is really depend the hairpin that I’m going to be using to create the hairstyle and I’m going to compare it to the bobby pin, I have here and the regular pin that, I have here and if you look closely you’ll see that the shape is completely different it does look a lot like the hairpin however it’s pinched in the middle which makes a whole section of hair much better and I’ll show you right now in make yourself that I’ll be doing the first step is grab two sections of hair and just bring them back as you bring it back you just want to pinch it together grab your hair pin and then serve the pin in the two strands and just slide it up. So that’s just gonna hold those two strands together and now working my way down I’m going to be doing the exact same thing I’m going to grab two more sections from each side bring them back pinch it together and insert the hair pin and continue doing the same thing all the way down. So that’s really it guys, I think this hairstyle is perfect for every day but it’s also beautiful for any special occasion like they birthday party or prom that’s coming up.

So definitely recreate this look and post it on your Instagram and don’t forget to hashtag it good luck see here our favourites are always featured on e here Instagram don’t forget to comment up here and like this post down below and of course leave me a comment, I love love while reading you come. So have a beautiful day and I’ll see you soon love you fight you.

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