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Hey everyone! I’m Abby from LA and today I’m here with Rylan! Rylan! Like a grownup I don’t know where she came from version of Rylan. What happened to my five year old Rylan? She’s gone. She’s gone (laugh), she died. She’s dead. It’s me now. And she brought the attitude with her. Yes, uh huh. Alright, leave a comment below if you think Rylan’s giving me some serious ‘tude right now. There you go. So today we are going to teach you guys how to do a barrette tieback. Now it’s using fishtails, which you guys know from before, but we’re using some barrettes to clip it and accent it and make it adorable. It would seriously be the best Coachella hairstyle, I swear. It’s gorgeous.

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So let’s get onto the post. To begin this hair style, what you need to do is part their hair just either slightly off center or right on center and then you need to separate a little section by their ears. Now, with Rylan, what I did was, I left a little bit just above her ears cuz I wanted that to frame her face still and then sort of made like a square shape right here by the temple of her face. You’re going to do that on both sides. On this side, once you have this section ready to go you divide it into two pieces and then just start a fishtail braid so you’re crossing one piece over the other section back and forth, back and forth. Okay, now I’m just going to just go back and pull and tweak and just make sure these fishtails are nice and thick and full. Okay, Rylan, will you hold this for me, please? And then you’re going to just repeat that process on the other side. Now I’m going to go back again and just pancake the fishtail to however puffy you like it.

Okay, when you have both of the segments of hair done I’m going to take them, cross them over each other and then we’re going to add a fun clip pattern that will dress up the hairstyle a little bit. So we’re going to take one gold barrette, we’re going to go in on a diagonal this way then we’re going to take a second barrette and we’re going to go in on a diagonal this way, still holding those ends in place. Here we go. And then we’re going to take the last barrette and we’re going to go right across the bottom and make sure it’s all secured to the rest of her head. And then we can tweak the barrettes again if we need to. So we create a fun little triangle on the back and you can go back and loosen this up a bit as needed to just make it fun and puffy. Okay let’s do the final spin. Doot doo doo doo! I love this! Rylan, you look so grown up. What do you guys think? So if you want to comment to our blog you can click this button right here. If you want to see other posts by us, hairstyles, and vlogs you can click over here and don’t forget to leave us a comment below telling us if you think Rylan has suddenly grown up, like, four years like I do! Right, Rylan? I’m almost as tall as her. Yup, that’s true. Alright, bye guys! See you next week. Bye!.

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