How to Create a Diagonal Bow Braid

Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA. Now before I go into the hairstyle today, I thought I would mention that we’re going to put up a bonus post this week. So it’s going to go live on Tuesday. Make sure you watch for it and check it out. Now today’s hairstyle tutorial is going to be the diagonal bow braid. Now you’ll remember that we taught you guys techniques of the bow braid a long time ago, but we didn’t show you how to do this particular style. We put up a picture of it in that post. And since then, we’ve literally had thousands of you emailing us, asking us to show you how to do this. So today we’re going to just that. Now I’m going to begin by showing you how to section the hair. I think this was the part that threw most people off and it’s probably the trickiest part of the entire style. Now if you will tip your head back, please, right there. I have begun by parting and I started right about the end of her eyebrow, went up, went on a diagonal. Tip back as far as you can. Thanks.

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A diagonal, a diagonal, until I was about an inch over her opposite ear. And then just straight, like went straight across to about the end of her other eyebrow. I didn’t want to bring it down clear to her ear and I’ll show you why later when we’re braiding. But it just looks better. So that’s the part. And then I just pulled it out of the way and secured it with a rubber band. So it’s not in our way for right now. Now I’m just going to begin by doing a regular French braid. I’m going to begin over her right ear. And I’m going to continue to just below her left ear. OK. So once you have your French braid completed and it’s a diagonal. Again, so we kind of went from one ear down to the other. It’s the French braid version of like a Katniss braid. Katniss’s is Dutch but this is French. So we’re going to let this hair out and we’re going to begin to use this hair on the top. OK now, you can use water if you like. I like to wet mine down a little. It just makes the bows a little more perfect. You can also use pomade or hair wax, any of the above, whatever you prefer will work just fine. Just smooth this out. It’s ready. OK. Now I’m going to take a hair pin and I’m going to go right up here to my first little bump right there. You can see my first stitch. And I’m going to be utilizing all of those top stitches.

I’m going to slide my hair pin underneath that top stitch and just leave it there. I’m going to go up here and grab just a little piece of hair. There we go. I’m going to wet it down just a little more. Again pomade or hair wax will do the same thing. Make a loop with my fingers. Slide that through the top of the hair pin. Reach through and grab that loop. And then just gently pull the hair pin through until you create a bow. And then you’ll leave that sitting there. Now at the ends, I’m going to let them kind of fall down like this because they’ll get hidden as we continue the braid. Now I’m going to move back to the next stitch. Again, the hairpin, make sure those tails are going behind that hair pin. Going to go to up to the top. Pick up my next little section of hair. And just kind of you can kind of tell how much hair you’re going to need to take so you don’t run out of hair or have too much at the end or anything like that. You don’t want your bows huge. Again slip it through the hair pin. Create the bow. And you can see right there that I just kind of pulled those tails from the last bow into my next set. You can’t even see them. There’s our next bow.

And we’re going to continue again. Hair pin under the next stitch. Pick up our next little piece of hair. Spritz it down. Make sure it’s smooth because we don’t want any funny, like fuzzy ends in the bows. Creative a bow, slide it through. I like to just give mine a little twist. I think they sit a little prettier, optional. Doesn’t matter. Go to the next stitch. And we’re going and doing every stitch of this braid. And we’re finished. Now you can see this side of her head, because we did not go all the way down to her ear, I just think it flows into the braid a little more naturally. That’s why I like to leave that one. If you want, you can just take the very soft edges of a comb, kind of go like this, and it just blends all that hair, so it has the deceiving look up having been in the original braid when it actually was not. OK, now just to help hold those bows in place so they don’t fall out during recess or running around, playing sports, we’re going to add just some hairspray. And we are going to give you the final spin. There we go. Ta da! I think it looks so cute. Every time you wear this hair, people ask us constantly how we did it, like everywhere we go. It’s crazy. But I love this one and I know you guys are going to as well. So don’t forget the bonus post goes live on Tuesday. I know you guys are going to love it. We threw all six of the kids into it. We haven’t done that for a long time and it’s really, really sweet. Now you’re going to love me twice as much tonight because you get two hair tutorials. We have uploaded a new Disney-style hair style up here. You can find it. It’s Elsa from Disney’s new movie, “Frozen.” And we, of course, had to find the perfect model. And she’s this blonde, beautiful princess. And so we brought in our good friend, Charity Vance, all the way from Nashville to use her as a model. Now, you’ll remember, Charity sings a lot of our music. You can find her info here. And we’ll put all of that information in the description box below. Enjoy, guys and we will see you on Tuesday and then next Sunday. Bye. Bye Then I’m going to go to like the next little piece next to it, do the same thing. Just add a little twist. And kind of hold it in the same hand. Charity. Abby. It’s not a fair contest. With you in the room. Yes, it is. Yes, you can sing. Don’t deny. It’s in your heart and soul you’ll find. That’s the end.

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