How to Create a DOUBLE HEART PONYTAIL Valentines Day Hairstyles

Hey everyone, I’m Abby from LA. I’m here with Rylan and if you can’t tell based on our colors on our clothing today, we are celebrating. Valentines. That’s right. So we’ve got another great Valentine’s hairstyle for you today. We are calling it the double heart ponytail. Whoo whoo! It’s so cute. So if you guys didn’t already know, if you click the bell down below, next to the comment button, it actually notifies you when our posts go live. So you can be the first ones over and join us for power hour. Now if you aren’t familiar with what power hour is, it’s the hour after we post our posts when we’re commenting back and forth to you guys live. So it’s super fun. Join us, click the bell, and let’s go to the hairstyle. ‘Kay, to begin this heart hairstyle, what I have done is pulled her hair up into a ponytail.

How to Create a DOUBLE HEART PONYTAIL Valentines Day Hairstyles Photo Gallery

I’ve made it nice and full in the top and secured it with an elastic. She has really thick hair so we actually did double elastic right here. I’m going to take my rat tail comb and I’m just going to divide off a top section. So you don’t want the top section to be too big. You need to get four braids out of it. So you can kinda figure out based on your own hair thickness but the majority of the hair still needs to be down in the ponytail below. And when you have it figured out, then e’re gonna just take this hair, kind of have her hang on to it for one second for me. And then this bottom section I’m gonna divide into five equal pieces. Okay when you get your five sections all sorted, then I’m just gonna take clips. You can use like little alligator clips or clips like these or even ponytail elastics.

Just secure ‘em with these so that they’re kind of separated off from each other and out of the way. So when we’re ready, we have five pieces here and we have our one piece here that we’re now gonna divide into four strands as well. So we’re gonna have five down below and four on top. ‘Kay, now with these four pieces on top you just wanna create regular braids about halfway down and then we’re gonna secure ‘em all with elastics. Okay now that I have my four braids all completed and I have my five pieces here. What you want to do is take a braid in between each section of hair. So I’m just gonna lay this braid here. And then this braid here. This braid here. And this braid here. So now you can see that I’m sort of collecting the rest of the hair in this left hand and if I go like this you can see the braids are not hanging through down below. Now I can take all these clips out, ’cause we can join this hair all back up together. Now we want to go like this, just kinda give this a nice tug. Pull it through and take the rest of the hair at the top and secure it with an elastic. You can see for now I’ve left the braids just hanging down below. Now, I want to go in and I’m just gonna sort of pull those four braids up. I’m gonna stick, kind of like a finger through to give ‘em a little room.

So you can see that there’s like a nice little pocket right there. And I’m just gonna keep pulling. But I’m trying to just pull the braids. Keep pulling and pulling and pulling. And what this does is begins to form our heart shape. Tip your head way back babycakes. Can you see the heart shape forming right here? When you get your heart to where you think it looks good, then you want to take another elastic and secure the braids to the rest of the ponytail. And you can use clear elastics or black elastics or whatever works for you. Like this. And then you can go back and release all of this hair so it just merges with the rest of the ponytail. You can either pull the elastics out or you can just cut ‘em if you have a little pair of scissors that will work. Okay once you have the hair all secured you can fluff the bottom of the ponytail and now you just need to shape the heart. So I’m gonna have her tip her head way back. Now we don’t want it to just look like loops, so I’m just gonna kinda pull and tug. And what I wanna do is use a little bit of spray wax on these heart braids right here. And then just sort of tug ‘em and shape ‘em so that it looks more like a heart and less like a hoop. You can blow dry ‘em or just hang on to ‘em for a second. And give ‘em a nice pretty heart shape like this. And then I’m going to just cover up that elastic. You can wrap it with hair, you can wrap it with a cute little ribbon. Just because we wanna continue our Valentine’s theme I’m gonna do a cute little bow here at the bottom. And let the red ribbon hang down to accent the pretty little heart. So cute. Okay, let’s do the final spin. So cute. Our little double heart pony and this darling little ribbon accent. I love it. It’s purrfect. Purrfect. Do you see what I did there? Be sure to comment to our blog by clicking the button right here. Don’t forget that you can find our behind the braids vlogs by clicking the button right here. You can also find all of our other Valentine’s dos by clicking right here. And I’m curious, leave a comment below, which Valentine hairstyle is your very favorite. And we will see you guys next Sunday. Bye guys. Bye.

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