How to Create a Fishtail-Accented Ponytail

Hello, and I’m feeling fly. It’s hot with the sunny sky. We love all the Hey everyone. I’m Abby, and this is CGH from LA. And today we’re going to show you how to do fishtail-accented ponytail. Now, this is great for all these sports fanatics and anybody that loves to be athletic and still girly, because it adds just a little bit of pop to a pony tail, but still keeps your hair out of your face. Now to begin, I have I pulled her hair up into a little pompadour in front, just sectioned off a little square section right in the center of her head, and created a little puff because I don’t want it super-flat on her head, and then secured it with an elastic. We’re going to take the hair that’s in the elastic. And we’re going to create our fishtail. So we’re going to separate into two pieces. And whether you do an innie fishtail or an outie, it doesn’t really matter up to you. I’m going to do just a regular fishtail. Can you tip your head back just a little bit, babe? Thanks.

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So I’m going to take a piece from the outside and cross it over, take a piece from the outside, cross it over. And it’s entirely up to you how little or big of pieces you take. The smaller, the more fishtaily it’s going to look. The bigger, it’s going to look more like a braid. Again, it’s up to you. Or again, mix it up and do some big and some little, which is fun. OK, so when you get to the end, I just went out as far as I could go. I’m going to secure it with an elastic that matches her hair color, so it doesn’t pop and show too much. And I’m going to kind of just take that and clip it for a second, out of the way. Now, with the rest of her hair, I’m going to just pull it back into a low ponytail. And if you’re really athletic, you can do this wet, and it’d stay in even better. I’m going to just take a little bit of like a finishing spray, just to help control some of the fly-aways on the side as I comb it back. Like I said, you could wet it down, if you’re doing it on a younger child, or if you’re running off to a game or something where you knew your hair was going to need to stay in place. So I’m going to secure all that with a ponytail holder, still leaving the fishtail out. OK, now from here you have several options. If you really wanted to, you could bring the fishtail in and include it in that ponytail holder. But I like it this way better. I’m going to take this, and wrap it with hair so that you can’t see the elastic anymore. It’s all hidden and looks pretty. Just use a bobby pin or two to secure that end. OK, now we have a couple other options at this point. We’re loving our options.

So I like it to just lay straight on there, and just come right down over the top of the entire thing, and then just barely catch the edge of it, and bobby pin that up against the ponytail so that the fishtail will stay in place right where we want it, but it almost looks like it’s not on there tightly like this. But if you’re running off to a game or something, you can also put an elastic that matches your hair color right here, so it would kind of be hidden by this hair as well. And it would also hold that fishtail in place and keep it steady during your game, or whatever you’re going to. But it ends up that you have this really fun accent all the way down your ponytail that really just catches people’s eyes and adds a little pop to the whole entire hairstyle. OK, let’s do the final spin. And I just think that looks so cool, with the fishtail just snaking down the top of the whole hairstyle. Looks really good. You guys will love it. And I’m sure you’re going to get a ton of comments about it. Now, make sure and leave a comment below letting me know what other styles you would like to see in the future. And you can also follow us on Twitter And we will see you guys next Sunday.

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