How to Create a Knotted Braid Tieback Cute Hairstyles

Hello, and I’m feeling fly. It’s all with the sunny sky. We laugh out Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA. And today I’m here with Brooklyn. And we’re going to show you how to do a knotted tieback. Now we’ve played around with knots in your hair for lots and lots of years, but I love this version because it’s a little bit more grownup looking. But it’s a great way to get the front of your hair off your face, and just has a really, really pretty look. And it’s also fantastic to do on yourself. So let’s go. To begin, you’re going to want to take a comb I’ve already done this and create a part line going about an inch, inch and a half above the ear, straight back towards the top of the head. And then part it in the middle. And take a comb and also make a part line down back, so it creates kind of a rectangle of hair right here in the front. We don’t want to use this by the ears because we want keep it soft and very older looking. Now I’m going to sweep the hair all to one side and have her hand on to that.

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You can just secure it with an elastic if you’re doing it on yourself. And I’m going to just work with this hair right here. Now I’m going to pick up this top little section right in the front. Divide it into two pieces. This is what’s going to start our know process. We’re going to cross this back strand over the front, and then still take the front strand and wrap it down and under to create one knot. Now you can do the knots differently than that. Like you can across the front over the back if you want. But you have to stick with whatever you choose. So this one is easiest for me, and makes the prettiest knots, I think, personally. Now I’m gonna add hair into each section. So you can see I still just have the two. But I’m picked up a little hair in front and a little hair on top. And again, I’m going across the back over the front and take that from piece, cross it up and over and push it through. And create my second knot. Now I’m gonna add in a little more hair to each section. So it’s sort of like a French braid where you’re adding hair into each side. When you have that hair added, go ahead and cross the back piece over the front. Move the front up and over. And tie your third knot. I want a little bit of space so make sure I space them out right there. Add some more hair in. And continue this process.

So back over front. Lift the front up. Take it through. And pull it tight. And then add in a little bit more hair. Now make sure you’re not picking up that hair we left from before, where we had our part line. We want this hair right here. That into that piece. And this one to the back piece. Cross the back over the front. Keep it up and over. Pull through. And we have our last knot. You can let go of your hair now. You can see we still have some that’s just going to fall over the ears and create a soft look. Now when you get to the end of adding in hair, you’re going to continue to just knot down the rest of the hair strands. Now she has some layers in her hair, so I’m going to add a little bit of hairspray. Or you could add pomade if you wanted to try to help control some of the fly away issues we’re going to face with her layers. But again, we’re just going to go back over front. We’re going to loop that up and under. Make another knot. And one more time. Back over front. Loop it up and over.

Make another knot. See if we can get one more. Try to keep those layers in. Back over front. Up and over. And make one last knot. So just enough so that it would reach like the back of her head. Now see that. I’m going to go ahead and secure this with elastic, and repeat the whole process on the other side of her head. Just to hold this in place, one bobby pin. And just hold it. Now I’m going to repeat on this side. So again, I have a sectioned off rectangle of hair. And I’m going to swoop all of this. Hold it tight, please. And I’m going to begin at the top, picking up a little piece. Divide it into two sections. And again, we’re going to be going back over front, and then tying a knot. And then adding hair. Once you’ve added in the hair, back over front. Tie it in a knot. Hey, we play it like our rules. It’s our life. We go hard every night. Stay up til the sunlight. Turn you back around. Doo, doo, doo. Now I”m going to take this end and unpin it. Take out this elastic that we had holding it in place. And combine them together using an elastic. Comb out those ends. And release all of the hair. And then what I like to do is stretch it just a little bit so that it almost sits kind of like, the base of her head, and almost pushes this up a little bit. Adding a little bit of fullness right there. OK. When you’re all done I like to add something to hide that elastic, so I’m just going to fit a fun little bow that we have at our house into her hair, that matches her outfit. And you are all finished. Let’s do the final spin. you. Can see the fun knotted effect here. It almost looks like chain link, like fencing to me, like link, and then a link, and then a link, which I love about it. Cause it’s a really different texture than a braid. You can see it just goes all around and kind of creates a little halo on the top of her head, which is fun. Now if you guys are following my mom in episodes, I have a new one up. You can click it here and go check it out. You guys will enjoy it. And we will see you Next Sunday. Yeah, she got it. See you guys later. Bye. Bye. It’s alright. cause we never stop. Oh, we own the night. It’s alright cause we never stop. Oh, oh.

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