How to Create a Pancaked Heart Half-Up Hairstyle Valentines Day Hairstyles

Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah (clicks) What up guys I’m Abby from LA. Today I’m here with Brooklyn.Hey guys! And it’s almost February which means it’s time to start thinking about heart hairstyles. Valentine’s Day. Yes! Today we’re gonna show you guys how to do the Pancaked Heart. Now this hair style is super easy, so it’s great for anyone at all levels of hairstyling. I love it because it’s boho so teenagers can wear it. Yes and Valentine-y. We have a whole plethora of hairstyles for Valentine’s. You can click the link in the description box below to find them. My favorite one’s the heart ponytail, so be sure you guys go check out that post. And I just flat out can’t pick a favorite cause I love them all. So if you guys are loving our hairstyles, be sure to comment to our blog. You have five seconds! Five, four, three, two, one! Yeah! And now let’s go to the heart. Yeah! Okay now to begin this hairstyle, what you need to do first is pick two strands of hair right kind of towards the front center.

How to Create a Pancaked Heart Half-Up Hairstyle Valentines Day Hairstyles Photo Gallery

So I’ve done one right here and one right here. And we’ve left a few wispies in the front just for added, just a little fun to make her look a little more grown up. Now we’re going to go around to the back and we’ve secured it with an elastic right here together. Now I’m gonna go back to the right side and I’m going to pick up some hair right by her ear. And just kind of. You can use a little spray wax, you can do this wet too if you want if you have a younger kid, doing it on wet hair might be a little easier. I wanted it to look more boho for Brooklyn so I’m doing it on dry hair so I’m just gonna use a little spray wax. Take this up and under the loop. And then we’re gonna take it back through itself. So we’re gonna reach in right here and pull the hair back and through. And I want it to hang really loose and soft today. I don’t want it super tight.

So I’m gonna have Brooklyn reach back and hang onto this for me. Right there. And I’m gonna repeat on the other side. So I’m going to come over here and pick up some hair again right by her ear. Good size piece of hair. You can add some dry wax if you want. Just to help control some of the hairs, the little baby hairs you get by your ears. Take it back. We’re gonna slip the whole piece underneath, up and through, and we’re gonna reach through. Take this under. And create the second loop. (music intensifies) When you get to this point, just secure the entire thing together with an elastic. If you want, you can also just secure the heart together. It just depends on how you like it. For me, it’s just easier to do all three together. (music intensifies) And create your heart shape. Now I really want to over emphasize the heart so I’m just gonna go right here, hanging on to this piece with my fingers, I’m just gonna really pull and pancake those heart edges. Pull and tug, pull and tug. So that it makes the heart more dramatic. And then you have this nice, soft, boho heart for Valentine’s. (shimmer) The final spin on this beautiful Pancaked Heart. Yay, what do you think Brooklyn? I love it! I think it’s just simple enough that people her age can wear it, still look Valentine-y and festive. Now if you guys are loving our Valentine hairstyles, don’t forget to comment by clicking right here. You can find our behind the braids by clicking right there, and you can find our other Valentine hair-dos, which we have a bunch of, right there. And we’ll see you guys next week. Bye guys! Bye!

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