How to Create a Perfect Love Bun Valentines Day Heart Hairstyles

You are the icing on my cake. You are the smile I can’t replace. Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA, and today’s CGH and I are going to show you how do a love bun. Now, my friend Jill made this up and she sent me the most adorable picture of it in her daughter’s hair and I fell in love with it immediately. For Valentine’s Day, we love heart hair dos. Knew I had to teach all of you how to do it so you can use it too. So to begin this hairstyle, you’re going to need a bun maker. They usually look like this.

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They’re kind of donut shaped. We’re going to modify it today to create a heart. So what we’re going to do is, we’re going to change this bottom and take a hair elastic and wrap it around the bottom of that bun maker. And essentially that’s going to become the point of our heart. Now, we’re going to squeeze this down to create like the little M shape of the heart. And again, we’re going to take an elastic, we’re going to put it right over this bubble on this side and we’re going to do one on this side as well. We’re getting sneaky in or modifications here. This is genius right here. And basically we come out with what becomes our heart shape and it becomes more of a triangular shape instead of a circular shape. I’m going to stick a second one just on the bottom just to reinforce that point and we’re ready to go. Now, there are a million different ways to get this hairstyle started. I did two little French braids leading into a ponytail, but you could do a twist around the back and do one bun on the side. I mean, it doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you end up with a ponytail of hair at some point in your head so that that becomes the bun place. Now, we’re going to take our bun maker that we modified and I’m going to put my forefinger and make a bun through the middle, and I’m going to put that around her hair and very gently pull it through the middle of the bun maker. Now remember, we have double elastics on the bottom, so that helps us remember this is the bottom of the heart and these are our topped round shapes on the top. Now, at this point, I’m going to tip her head way down so it’s totally flat. I’m going to lift her ponytail up and I’m going to let it fall. I’m going to try to get the hair as even as possible around that bun maker.

Just you can kind of feel and make sure that’s pretty much even all over, take a little spritz of finishing spray and just very like very softly comb the hair. Just gives it a little added polished look. Now I’m going to take an elastic and you’re going to want a pretty tight elastic. Don’t get one that’s already stretched out and go over the bun. And you want it to be pretty tight against the button. So if you have little spots that pulled out in the process of doing that, you just go ahead and tug on the hair a little, make sure it’s really nice and tight. Now, basically when you get to this point, you’re looking for it to just look sort of like a triangle and less like a doughnut, and it doesn’t have to look perfect at this point. That’s fine. I’m gong to have her put her head back down and we need to deal with this hair that’s left over from the bun. So I’m going to just grab a little piece and begin twisting, and I’m going to twist all the way around the bun just adding in hair as I go, twisting it tight down against the base of her bun and just cover up that elastic. A braid would also look really pretty right here as well if you wanted to try to braid the ends. And I’ll just keep adding in. She has pretty thick hair, so we get a thick twist by the time we’re done. And I’m going to add just a little bit of water on these ends just to help them twist in a little bit better. Finish that twist off. Depending on the length of the hair, you may have to go around more than once. Totally fine. When you get to the end, then I’m going to use some bobby pins to just secure the twist into the base of the hair. And one more. Now you can see that by twisting it, the bun shifted just a little bit, so I’m just going to shift it back into place so it’s straight on.

And now we’re going to kind of perfect the heart shape. So normally a heart kind of dips in right here and goes out and then to a point. So if you just squeeze this a little bit, it gives you a nicer little point, but now we need to make that divot. So what we’re going to do is, we’re going to reach up here, we’re going to grab that little middle piece of hair, and we’re going to pull it down as tight as we can. And then using a bobby pin, just bobby pin that hair down into the bun maker. And you might need to do two bobbys. Just helps, extra hold. So again, just grab it, push those down as tight as you can. And now you can see that with hers that didn’t make a huge difference. So what you can do to, again, it’s sort of like a little trick of the eye, is just go to those upper edges, the corners, and pull them out just a tiny bit, really soft. You don’t want to over pull. Just loosen that up on the edges because it’s going to accent the fact that that middle is tighter and then those edges are little bit looser. And we have our cute heart. So let’s give her the final spin. And turn your head back just right there so they get a good view of the cute heart. And ta-da. And when we wore this around, we had people asking like I was concerned that it wouldn’t be heart enough and people were like, oh, it’s so cute. It’s a heart, instead of like ah, it’s perfect. Perfect. We sure hope you guys love our love bun. Love. And to show you a little bit different version, come here. We’ll show you. I did this one this morning. Now, I wanted to have a little bit older look and so I only did half of her hair up, and spin around so they can see the heart. And then we just did these adorable curls underneath, which I think is so cute, a big like red bow or something right there would be extra cute. Lots of ways to play with this one. Make sure you tag your pictures #CGHLoveBun so I can see the creations you guys came up with, and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram. We just recently hit a half a million followers on Instagram. It’s so crazy. So we will see you guys next week. Love to all of you and bye-bye. Bye. You are, you are, you are every bit of beautiful. You are, you are, you are every bit of beautiful. Show me your socks. Oh, you’re a sock girl, aren’t you? Whew. Pretty. Say love you. Da, da, da. Kisses.

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