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This is the start of something new Taking my steps only forward A change in the air can you feel it too This world is so big ’round the cornerHey everyone, I’m Abby from LA. Today I have with me-Hey, Kamri. Kamri. There’s my name. Kamri Noel (laughter), and you can check out her blog by clicking the link in the description box below that I have put there for you, ’cause she does some awesome posts over on her blog as well. But today, we are going to show you how to do the Reverse Chinese Ladder Braid. Now you may remember that we did a Chinese Ladder Braid way back when, it’s been several years. But this is a twist on it that changes the look entirely, so you’re gonna love this one.

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Now be sure, if you have not already, to ring the bell next to the comment button (bell ringing) down below, so that you get notifications when we post our posts and let’s go on to the Chinese Ladder Braid. Whoo. To begin the Reverse Chinese Ladder Braid, what I do is, well on this particular one I decided I kind of wanted a pompadour feel to her hair. So I did a nice little poof on top and then I just did a hair wrap over the elastic to hide it. So you can see that’s the end of the hair wrap right there. And I’m just going to start Reverse Chinese Ladder Braid right here. So you can see that her ends of her hair, just because of the way we have it pulled up, you have some shorter ones and some longer ones.

I’m going to try to select the longer pieces, but that’s not always totally doable, so you’re just gonna have to work with kind of the hair you have and what you have in place. But to begin with, you take a small piece of hair from the side. Now in the original braid that we did, you’ll see that I told you to cross the hair over the top so you kind of create this triangle effect like this, to make the knot. Now the only difference on the reverse is that you’re actually gonna make the knot and it’s gonna go under the remaining ponytail instead of over. But for some weird reason, it’s like a French Braid and Dutch Braid, it really changes the look on the side by just switching that one simple little thing. So, we’re gonna take a piece of hair and we’re gonna just do a first stitch. So one single strand of hair, and make a nice little stitch.

Now, we’re going to pick up a second piece of hair, again, small pieces are better, and both of these pieces this time are gonna cross under. You can see I’m kind of using my fingers to anchor this, and wrap around and then tighten down, like this. And then you pick up another small piece. And you can, if you want, use this as an option, just a little bit of dry wax or hairspray, if you really wanna slick all those pieces down, that’s certainly an option. You’re gonna take those, go up and around again, and tighten down. (uplifting folk music) And you just keep doing exactly the same steps. So a little tiny bit of hair, wrap it around, tighten it up, and on and on you go, all the way down. Now, at some point your ends will start to hang out, and that’s kinda when you know, about when you should stop. It’s up to you, I mean you could leave ‘em hanging out but I just don’t think they’re very pretty. So usually when we get to this point, I kind of just sort of gather it all together, like this, and then secure it with another elastic. So this, to me, becomes more of like an accent on a ponytail or a tie-back versus like a complete braid all the way down, just for aesthetics.

Like this. And then you have this fun little accent braid in between. And you can see like, the difference to me is on the other braid, it kind of just leaves like a pop-out look, and on this one it actually forms a little side braid, which is really a cool feature. You can do whatever you want right there, add a little bow. You could even wrap this one with hair too, if you wanted to. Grab some hair, and wrap it around like this, to just kind of complete the look so that they match and finish it off with bobby pin and you’d be done there. Okay, let’s do the final spin. Doo te de doo It’s just a fun way to mix up like a tie-back, or a ponytail, don’t you think? Mhmm. Just something a little different Yeah. She had it on earlier and Bailey was like, “Mom, I like.” (laughter) So I guess that’s a good thing, ’cause this looks amazing. Now if you guys haven’t already comment to our blog, you can do that by clicking the button right here. If you’d like to see more of Kamri, you can click the button right here. And if you’d like to see our blog posts, be sure to click the box right there. And we will see you guys next Sunday for another Behind The Braids vlog. Bye guys. Bye.

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