How to Create an Infinity Bun Updo Hairstyles

Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA, and today I’m here with Brooklyn, and we’re going to show you how to do an infinity bun. Now you’re going to love this hairstyle because it’s crazy quick and easy. You can do it on yourself. It’s good for all ages. And more especially, you can do it on wet hair, which makes it really effective for those mornings you’re running behind. Now just to add some texture to the top of her hair, I added a little French braid, but that’s totally optional. What you need to start with is a pony tail, and it’s not too high, or not too low. It’s just like right smack dab in the middle of her head. Now, you can do this hairstyle wet or dry. I’m doing it wet just to show you what it’s going to look like, and then it dries throughout the day and still looks beautiful. But doing it with dry hair is going to give it a little bit softer, more romantic, older look. So take the hair. You’re going to begin twisting counterclockwise, and kind of in an upward motion.

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And you’re going to continue to twist, and make sort of like the first little bump. And then we’re going to keep on twisting the hair, and still in the same direction, we’re going to form our second little loop right here. I’ll adjust that a little bit, it’s a little softer right here. And you can see our infinity shape. That’s what we’re looking for. So the rest of this hair, I’m just going to take and tuck it up and under that bottom part of the bun. Now obviously, when you’re dealing with this, this side is going to be a little bit bigger because that’s the bulk of the hair, not the end. So you just want to loosen this a little bit until they look relatively even. And then, while I’m holding it, I’m going to go ahead and start bobby pinning. You can bobby pin to your heart’s content, but roughly like one every inch or so should hold everything into place nicely. It will vary a little bit, depending on the thickness of the hair, obviously. So keep on bobby pinning. Go ahead and bobby pin these ends up. Make sure that stays. Just grab the very edge of the hair and secure it. How’s that feeling to you? Very firm. Pretty good. I think we maybe need one more right here. One doesn’t want to stay in. And adjust, you know, as needed. Like I said, as it dries throughout the day, it’s going to loosen and soften up a little bit.

And then you can take if you have any little pieces like this, because she’s got some layers in her hair you can tuck those down in, and secure them. And there you go. We’ve got this really pretty infinity bun that’s really going to be even prettier when it’s dry, after it dries for a few minutes. And then any little fuzzies like this, you just take a little finishing spray, spray it on the sides. Take a comb, and just smooth as needed, until you’re happy with the way it looks. And you’re done. OK, let’s show you the finished product, our lonely infinity bun, which is just such a fun variation of a simple bun. Great for dance, great for gym, great for work. Anything like that. So we have some really exciting news. We have an app coming out shortly, in the next few weeks, and we’ll keep you posted when we have the specific launch date nailed down. But funny story we accidentally, through the testing process, had the app up and it went live, and we didn’t know for like four or five days. And seriously, copies were downloaded, which is crazy. I mean, we didn’t even say anything, we didn’t even know it was live. I didn’t even know this. You didn’t? I thought I had told you. Yes. So I guess we’re excited about it, and it’s almost done. We’re just tweaking the last few things, and then we’ll be able to open it up. It’ll be for Apple and Android, both. So good news, no matter what phone you use. And you guys are going to love it and all of its features. So watch for our post about that in the next few weeks. And we will see you guys next week. Bye, guys. See ya. against the wall. Myself. And then she joined in, and it was like a duet in history class today. No, no, no, no, no. And then everyone thought we were weird. Everyone thought we were weird. That’s OK. We’re weird.

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