How to Create Double-Flip Accents Easy Hairstyles

Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA. And today I’m with Rylan. Hey, Rylan. Hey. And we’re going to show you how to do a hairstyle that we’re calling double flip accents. Now, they’re accents because you can do them in front. You can do lots of them. You can two of them. You can do them down the middle or across the bangs. There’s a lot of ways to play with this hairstyle. And one of the best things about this hairstyle is A, it works on short hair. And B, it’s great for sports. You guys are always asking me for athletic styles things you can use another helmets or for gymnastics, that kind of thing. This one’s going to work for all of those. So let’s get going. Now, to begin this hairstyle, I patted right down the middle. And then I parted from that middle all the way to her ear. And I’ve already done this left side. So we’re going to just go ahead and do the right.

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Now, I want two sections here. I’m going to do a total of four flips on each side of her head. So I’m just going to kind of go where I think maybe like an inch or inch and a half down from the part is. And I’m going to section off another little section. Let me just make sure it’s looking relatively even with the other side. Yup. And so we have our first little. Section we’re going to leave all this down. Then I’m going to divide that first section basically in half. And we can begin. Rylan, can you hold this one in back for me? Thank you. I’m going to have her hold for two seconds. I’m just going to take an elastic. I’m using a dark elastic, because I want it to be more matched to her hair. And I’m going to elastic up that first section. And you don’t want to do the elastic too many times, because you want it to have still a little slip on the hair for when you’re flipping it under. Now I’m going to grab the back section as well and do the same thing. Elastic? OK. And we have our first two done. Now for the next two. Same thing I’m going to go about an inch above her ear on this one, because I like a little left down my ears still, just to add some fun softness to her face. I’m going to make a part line. And again, divide it in roughly half. Now, this hair is a little bit thinner. This is more fine baby hair right by this side of her face. So you might have to go back just a tiny bit to make sure that you get enough for that back section or the front section, excuse me.

OK. When you have it where you like it, divided the right way and again, I’m going to have her hold this for me. Thank you. And go ahead and put in an elastic. Front piece. And one more elastic to secure the back. OK. Now we have all of our sectioning done and all of our pieces ready to go. So we can unclip that. And I’m going to use this little Topsy Tail tool. You can find them online. You can find them in beauty supply stores. They’re pretty easy. They’re really inexpensive. Or you can just use your fingers to flip it either way. Pull up a little bit so that you make sure this is loose against her head. Slide the Topsy Tail through there. And put the hair through the center of the Topsy Tail. And then you’re just going to gently pull it. And it flips the hair underneath. And then you can tighten it back down. Now, the second one, same kind of idea. We’re going to loosen it up a tiny bit. I’m going to take the Topsy Tail and put through the center. And put that hair right through the middle of the Topsy Tail, so it’s ready to flip. But now I’m going to take this second piece. And I’m going to take that hair also in an upward you can see I’m going from the bottom to the top here and put it through the loop as well. And I’m just gently going to flip them both through. And what that does is it lays. You can see this first piece right here. The ends go through and right under our second flip, so that you have this continuous line effect from one flip to the other. And then we’re just going to tighten that down. And we have a completed section. We’re going to go ahead and do that same thing on this side.

OK. And when you have all your flips done, then I like to just go back and play with her hair or do little curls. And so it’s soft and cute looking. You can add some hairspray to really accent the hair behind the flips. If you were doing something more like gymnastics, you could always slick it all back into a ponytail at this point. Or even two messy buns in the back would be adorable. So lots of ways to play with this one and see what your creative juices come up with. All right. Let’s do the final spin. Doo, doo, doo. See, it’s just fluffy and fun with lots of curls. And voila. Tip your head down so they get a good look. There you go. And as an extra bonus this week you guys, we have an extra post going up on Wednesday. Yay, bonus post! Now, it’s really funny. We even included the husbands. It’s a Collab Challenge with another YouTuber and her husband. So you’re going to see both the husbands and the wives. It’s hilarious. When we filmed it, I was crying so hard because we were laughing that hard. It really is the funniest post. You know, you can check it out on Wednesday. And be sure to give us a thumbs up. Our goal this week is-. That was. thumbs up. So give us a thumbs up if you liked this post. And we’ll see you guys next Sunday. Bye. Bye, you guys. What are you doing there? She’s trying to move herself over. What are you doing, Riley? She’s trying to tip over. She’s pushing herself over. Keep rolling, Rylan. Keep rolling, Rylan. Keep rolling. Keep rolling. She’s a pushing, pushing, pushing. She’s like, why are they both watching? Go, go, go. Leave her alone, Riley er, Kamri. Hello, Riley. She’s going to tip over. There she goes. Oh, man. Here she goes. Here she goes. Yay! That’s her fourth roll-over today. Good girl! She’s like, what is going on? Good girl. Big girl. She did it three times. No, four. Good girl. Four, because once when we weren’t looking.

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