How to Create No-Heat Paper Towel Curls

Hey guys! I am Abby from LA, and today I have a roll of paper towels. I bet you’re wondering what on earth I’m going to do with paper towels in hair! You are going to find out! Because, I was sitting around the other day thinking about how when I was young, my grandma used to do rag curls in my hair where you would roll rags up in the hair and it dawned on me that a great way to do it without having to cut up t-shirts would be to use strips of. you got it. paper towels! so I’m going to show you how to do this great “no-heat” tutorial today!

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OK, now, Brooklyn has joined us, and as you can see I’ve gone ahead and done most and the curls in her hair I think it would have. I would say on a hair like hers, and she has quite thick hair, and it’s very long like almost down to her waist they it would take about minutes to fill these but of course, it’s gonna depend on the length and thickness of your own hair which I just wanna mention quickly, you’re going to have to use this technique and then adjust according to your hair type Brooklyn’s hair holds curl really well, and I rolled them way up tight today, just because I wanted you to see how curly the curls can be but, normally, with Brooklyn, we might start them like half way down and then just have it curly at the ends, so that it’s not quite so tight at the top so if your hair holds curl really well, you might wanna start them lower if your hair is more straight, pull them up tighter and then they’ll loosen throughout the day So. here we go! We’re gonna start by just taking a piece and I’m doing like maybe a one inch section and, you’re going to take your spray bottle, if your hair is not already damp and just spritz it just lightly so that it is damp and then.

Just make sure there’s no funky hairs in there you are going to take your paper towel, and we’ve done a paper towel sheet just in fourths so this is you can see that we didn’t like make them perfect, we’ve just kind of torn them. And then I’m going to take it. and I’m rolling upwards, but you can do upward or downward, but whatever you do, just stick with the same thing So you can see, I’m taking the ends from the bottom and looping it up over-the-top. I’m going to do that a couple times to secure those ends And then I am just going to roll the rest of the hair up that strand Like this, until we get to wherever you’re stopping point is Whatever you are comfortable with your hair type and then we are just literally going to tie it like you would a shoelace and you can’t pull too tightly or it will rip the paper towel. So you just let it sit. So I’ll show it to you again Take a piece of hair spritz it, if it’s not already damp take a paper towel Like I said, I’m rolling upwards Secure those ends And then go ahead and roll the remaining hair up, as high as you want it to be Tuck the ends, tie it in a knot.

Now, bonus features about doing this versus rag girls, you don’t have to have the rags, right, because you can just use paper towels. You don’t have to cut up a t-shirt or something like that Also, another perk to doing curls like this would be, that the paper towels have a little bit of absorbency to them, so as your hair is drying and has a little dampness to it the paper towels help to kind of wick that away, which is great and their easy to get your hands on and use, and they’re super soft to sleep on tie it in a knot, and when you have them all set, then you can of course, either put them under a dryer hood, or use a blow dryer to dry them, or. my favorite is just sleep on them overnight so the next morning you can take them out and they look amazing! Later that day. We’ve gone ahead and let Brooklyn’s hair dry for most the day, and we are going to take them out now. So when you take them out, just because their paper towels you can untie them You can even just kind of tear them, and they’ll just come out! so this is the curls as they came out, you can see we’ve got just tons of nice beautiful curl to play, some of these on top ended up.

Maybe if I did it again I would do just a little bit bigger pieces just so they didn’t end up quite so small, but it just varies on the hair, and how you want it to look, and how tight you wanna do it, and I’m just going to separate a little bit just so it doesn’t look like so like individual curls and it looks more curly all over So when you have the curls all finished, then you can just go ahead and do whatever you want with them, whether it is pull the sides back, or do a fun lace braid, or some cute hair jewelry right here on the forehead running down or even just a little boho kind of Coachella-looking hippie headband would be really cute as well and, let’s do the final spin! Look at these gorgeous curls. look at that! From paper towels! Can you believe it? No laughs I love it! Do you like it? Yes, I do! I think these are so pretty, and I love love love love the volume in there, but Brooklyn, what would the producer of “The View” tell you with your hair like this It’s big and unfriendly textured hair! That’s what he told me, he said the camera was not friendly with my hair Which was. that was OK! Which is so funny, because Brooklyn’s hair is like my very very very favorite! It’s so pretty, and thick, and full. But he made me switch to working on Bailey, which was really funny Or, no, he made me switch to you. yeah because she was the better hairstylist. The better hair, apparently, on camera. so there you go. one last spin! Now, if you haven’t checked out the so adorable interview Paisley, by Bailey, it is over on BrooklynAndBailey’s blog you can find it here, or we’ll put a link in the description box below And we will see you guys next Sunday! Bye guys! waves comment Click below to watch our D Split Braid hairstyle tutorial. Thank you, from. LA What do dogs say? Woof, woof, woof. woof! What do butterflies say? Tweet, tweet. Oh, butterflies. tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet! What about a bird, what does a bird say?.

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