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They say these are great for your skin the more the better right welcome back, I am. So glad you could make it and today is going to be another a fun and exciting post, I am talking about skin and more in particular cystic acne that really painful crucial acne we just can’t get it under control. So if you have been follow me on social media in particular YouTube you have probably noticed that, I have been struggling with cystic acne for as long as, I can remember since, I got married. But I have got it under control and, I figured out what works for me best probably in the past six months up to today. So, I wanted to share with you guys how, I did that. So a quick history on my skin my skin type has always been normal skin type, I was very blessed with that. But you know, I would have the occasional break out here and there especially around the hormonal time of the month and then it would always go away.

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But the worst time, I think where it hit me and, I got really bad, I couldn’t control it was right after, I got married and, I moved from New York to Florida. So, I struggled with cystic acne for over two years when, I got married to Andre and it was really embarrassing it was really painful and, I really could not figure out what was happening to my body. Because it never happened to me that way before. If you ever had cystic acne it’s really painful it’s really deep really big. Because it gets really bumpy all over your skin and where, I had the most of it was around my mouth chin and jaw area it was it was really bad. So basically from the beginning when, I started getting it really bad, I decided, I wanted to do it the healthy way and stay away from all the drugs all the antibiotics the topical creams. Because, I really wanted to figure out the core issue before, I jump into my healthy treatments that, I have figured out, I kind of want to talk about the root causes from where my cystic acne came from.

So number one was the environment. Because, I lived in New York, I moved to Florida, and it’s totally different environment here you have more pollen you have more humidity, and it’s really moist in the air compared to New York next was my diet, I wasn’t as you know strict what, I was eating when we just got married it was more fun relaxed you’re out of the house you live in by yourself and next was the stress levels and the hormone imbalance in my body it was just you know so much at once I’ve never moved from my house before and it was just kind of all over the place. So that definitely took a toll my skin in my opinion the biggest thing that really affected my skin was the unnecessary stress and pressure that came with that newlywed married in life you need to have a career that you need to work like 80 hours a week next need to have a couple of children while having a career and then you need to buy a house while having children and a career and then on top of all that you need to look good you know. So it is kind of I’m always. So kidding. But it was just kind of a lot of pressure and stress while I’m at school full-time a lot of stuff happening at once and it was just kind of affecting me all my hormones are going all over the place and it just kind of sucked. So this is where Andre and, I both really got down to the issues and we really changed our lifestyle and we just really wanted to figure out what was causing all of this there are three categories what we changed first of all we change our nutrition and diet we started taking a lot more supplements and we started doing a lot of more cleanses and detoxes.

So the first lifestyle change that, I mentioned was nutrition and diet we started eating healthier and more particularly switched over to USDA organic natural you know try to get rid of all the pesticides GMOs basically eat clean and healthy as possible a peach a day keeps your doctor away or in my case acne away. So juicing. So the three biggest things that we have tried to cut out as much as possible out of our diet are dairy sugars and processed foods these three are one of the biggest indicators and factors that cause inflammatory diseases like acne psoriasis eczema basically any type of skin issue and internal issue that are inflammatory and basically that is. Because you have some type of imbalance and stressed imbalance in your digestive tract that results with lack of immune system and just basically it just goes all over wack. So the first supplement, I want to share with you guys is the one that probably helped me the most regarding my skin is bacteria or some people like to call it probiotics it’s basically bacteria that you need within your digestive tract. So there are two major types of probiotics there is lactic and then there is soil based you’re probably thinking like why is your talking about soil dirt li coupe what is wrong with her. But remember when you were a kid or maybe your kid has he in dirt it’s okay it’s a it’s good give them like a space let them keep eating that dirt I’m just kidding soil base probiotics are great for your digestive tract after trying various types of probiotics we found a winner and this is a prescript assist gastrointestinal support and this has 29 different strains of beneficial micro flora this stuff is wonderful even though it is probably one of the most expensive ones on the market it is definitely quality versus quantity in this case.

So this is where research has been done and they suggest that the prebiotics might be even more beneficial than probiotics. Because the prebiotics is basically food for that good bacteria that is fighting for your health basically the good guys right. So what we like to use is this pre Biogen prebiotic supplement and this is the nutritionist Chris crecer. So what, I do is, I take them both together two to three times a week depending on how, I feel. So first, I start with the prebiotic there’s a little tiny teaspoon inside I’m ready in here this doesn’t have a bad taste at all kinda has a sweet taste to it and, I just like to put it either in my smoothie every morning or just like a cup of water and then after, I finish drinking about prebiotic, I go with my probiotic and just take one capsule a day last. But not least let’s not forget our vitamins minerals and phytonutrients and this is the brand that, I take this is a double X by Nutrilite and this is also one of the most highly rated vitamins out there on the market definitely quality versus quantity and these are just really great they have this brand Nutrilite definitely has a lot of respect for their vitamins they’re all farms are grown organically natural way and they make sure that their veggies and fruits are grown until they are ripe and then they take them and process them into vitamins and what, I have to say is this is a really potent you definitely don’t want to eat these or take these on an empty stomach. Because they’re.

So concentrated make sure you have something in your tummy in the morning and we definitely have experienced puking our guts out. Because, I took these at an empty stomach and, I have saved the best for last you guys it is the cheapest it is probably the most dramatic that has actually changed my skin right away that, I noticed and then, I mentioned cheapest, I did mention cheapest it is diatomaceous earth food grade. So basically what diatomaceous earth is is really fine tiny crystals that is silica based soil found and fresh water. So what it does is it goes into your system and it basically cleanses you out when, I started taking diatomaceous earth, I honestly started noticing a difference in my skin within one week I’m not even exaggerating it was. So drastic my scars that, I had from a previous acne experiences they started diminishing and just getting blurred out my bump started to disappear it on my forehead and my skin just looked overall so much better people would ask. If I’m wearing makeup and, I wasn’t it was. So awesome and obviously my hair improved my nails improved and overall, I had a greater boost of energy and, I felt less bloated, and it’s just this stuff, I cannot say enough good stuff about it there’s.

So many great benefits and the best part is it’s so cheap. So budget-friendly. So how, I take this is, I take one heaping tablespoon with one glass of water, I mix it in together. Because I’ve been taking it for. So long, I already moved up to the one tablespoon instead of one teaspoon and. Because this is. So concentrated you want to keep drinking water throughout the day keep yourself hydrated.

Because you want to flush this out of your system to detoxify you. So all of the products and elements that, I have just mentioned is what has worked and is working for me personally we all have different bodies. So do your own research figure yourself out that’s what, I had to do trial and error we finally found the perfect formula that has works for both of us in our lifestyle. So do your own research do a lot of it ask your doctor ask your nutritionist whoever it may be. But do your own research, I can’t stress that enough before buying and trying anything. So this is my story and how, I kind of cured or kept my cystic acne at bay and figured out the root of the issue going the healthy route I’m sure a lot of you have other tips and tricks and products that you have used or still using leave it in the comment section below. Because, I know other readers love to read it and, I want to see what helped you as well thank you so much for reading this post and spending time with me, I hope you liked it got something out of it.

But for now thank you so much for reading, I will see you guys very soon love you all bye.

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