How to Curl Hair with a Flat Iron

Hello my lovelies I’m going to be showing you a highly requested tutorial that I’ve been sort of you know avoiding doing just because there is already. So many gazillions of tutorials on how to curl your hair with a flat iron but recently we’ve been getting even more requests to do it. So, I just figured you know what, I might as well just show you guys because you think maybe everyone has their own way.

So make these curls that you can see me wearing right now these kind of big bouncy beautiful curls I’m gonna be using a kqc flat iron and this was generously sent to us by flutter and experts for review and, I absolutely love this flat iron not only for straightening here but also curling as you can tell these are the types of curls that it can create, I love it. So much and it takes a little less time than using a curler and it also makes your curls last longer than using an actual curling iron. So I’m gonna stop talking and I’m gonna get into the actual tutorial and show you guys what, I do and how, I use a flat iron to create curls like this before, I start like always styling the hair I’m gonna apply the heat tamer spray the heat protectant by Tresemme apply it on the rest like on all of the hair and really all we the last thing we need is just a brush to brush through the hair oh and also obviously clip to hold the hair.

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So aleko is I’m gonna separate my hair into Party to start by just bringing all my hair back and separating it into a bottom section where, I start curling I’m gonna apply my heat tamer spray on both of the sections. So just just a few sprays you never want to start curling or styling your hair and the heat protectant absorbs fully into the hair because otherwise you’re gonna be burning your hair if it’s wet. So I’m just gonna show the process that, I do and hopefully you know be able to show you exactly how to do it and then you’ll be able to do the rest of your head because pretty much the process is the same.

So basically you just want to separate your bottom section, I mean your bottom yeah the section of the hair into a strand of hair about maybe this thick and then I’m gonna clip the rest away alright. So instead of going with a curling iron, I mean the flatiron like you normally would this way you want to flip it over and depending on how defined you want your curls that is gonna determine how far up you’re gonna take your Flatiron. So yes bring it over clamp it then bring the hair back and what you’re doing is you’re just flipping the Flatiron until they here is facing down okay.

So this is how it was and then you flip it until the hair is facing down and then you just want to start bringing the Flatiron slowly down and this is the kind of curled that you will get. So it’s perfect and curls with the Flatiron actually last a long time. So let me show you on a few more stress.

So, I always brush the strength first. So you’re gonna go in with your Flatiron flip it flip your Flatiron in a few times kind of until the hair is facing down and then just slowly kind of move your Flatiron down and when you flip the hair you get these kinds of very pretty curls. So I’m gonna continue doing that just like that flip it over be careful not to burn your fingers slowly bring the flutter back and then when you flip the hair you get these pretty curls alright.

So this is pretty much the process that I’m gonna do for the rest of the hair. So I’m gonna fast forward the post right now and you can see how I’m doing the rest of the hair in fast forward motion okay guess, I should show you guys how to do this other side beat because the you know how you hold the curling iron is a little different. So, I just did this one this one strand and I’m going to show you on the second strand.

So what you do is you just put the curling of the flat iron again flip it over this way and you flip the flower until they here is facing down. So, I hope you can see what I’m doing and then you just start sliding the flat iron slowly down making sure that the ends of the hair are looking down. So just like that and the slower you go the more defined your curl will be.

So there you go this is how you do the curls for the other side all right. So I’m all finished curling the hair and this is what it looks like you can see how amazing these curls can be they’re baked they’re bouncy they’re very defined right now but in a couple hours you know the hair will fall out which is exactly the look I’m going for. So, I like them curly like this and then when they fill out they have this more of a natural look.

So just show you how it looks like in the back. So you can see they’re very big and bouncy and, I absolutely love them as you can tell this is a really good flatiron not only for just straightening your hair but also curling your hair and, I recommend this flatiron it’s really good as you can tell it creates these really really amazing bouncy big curls. So although there’s.

So many of these posts out there, I hope you guys found mine helpful and, I hope, I was able to show you the technique and kind of explain the process of how you can create these curls with a flame, I hope you guys found this post helpful, I hope you give it a try you don’t have to get a curler, I mean um you don’t have to get a flower in like this you can use any flat iron just to make sure that the sides are curled because if it’s not it’s gonna be really hard to curl your hair this curve on the sides really provides an ease of curling the hair because it kind of wraps around the curves of the flat irons yes thank you guys. So much for reading, I will see you guys in the next tutorial and, I hope you’re having a fabulous day you.

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