How To Curl Short Medium Hair With A Straightener

Hello today I’m here Lilia and little is a bit nervous because it’s her first time posting and I’m just like you don’t need to be nervous this beautiful crowd is.

So nice and. So operating. So it’s gonna be great the reason Lilly’s here today is because she recently cut her hair short what love that recently this has been once now and she was telling me how she curls her hair really well with a straightener in the visa that it’s easier with a straightener it means easier because, I burned myself flat.

So less ferns and, I minded that personally with the strength as opposed to a curler and, I thought it would be great for Lilia to show it to you guys because, I know a lot of you guys have short hair or even if you have medium like they are alone here just the cruel thing you get with a straightener are a bit more different than with a four the curler, I personally haven’t mastered the technique yet. So I’m excited to see how are you gonna do it. So let’s get started okay ready I’m ready lifted okay my lovelies let’s begin, I always like to start off with brushing my hair to make sure that there aren’t any knots or tangles as you can see my hair is cut pretty short and, I have a bunch of short layers all throughout the hair the next step is to split your hair in the back in two sections, I really like sectioning my hair because it’s a little bit more manageable for me because, I have.

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So much hair I’m using this flat clip to hold one part of the hair away from the other one the next step is to section that part of the hair in to. So you have a top section and you have a bottom section we’re going to start with the bottom. So I’m going to clip up the top section with a clip securely in the back just.

So it’s out of the way. So starting with this section here give it a quick brush, I personally like to start from the back and go to the front but right now I’ll show you two different methods of holding your straightener when you’re getting your curls I’m taking a small section at the front of my hair to show you guys how to do the first method. So you’re going to hold your straightening iron not parallel but diagonally to the ground wrap it around your hair and slide it down gently all the way this gets a very loose and nice curl at a nice angle which, I really love on this next small section, I will show you the second way to hold the flat iron and that will be parallel to the ground and you will wrap the hair more tightly and slide it down slower than you did the first one what this does is gives it a different angle on the curl and it should be a slightly tighter depending on your hair and how long you hold it for either way, I think the curls are beautiful.

So it’s totally up to you which method you like to use. So going back to my normal routine I’ll start at the back and then, I will continue the first method because, I like it better, I like curling it more on a diagonal angle because it gives a much looser and more effortless curl. So just to show you one more time you take the iron at an angle wrap it around and then slow it down gently and slowly until you get the curl that you want voila a nice bouncy curl now that the bottom section is done I’m going to go ahead and do the top section off the hair brush it out quickly and you’re going to repeat the exact same steps, I will start at the back hold my iron diagonally and gently slide it down my hair it’s okay if the curl doesn’t come out to be perfect you can just play around with it with your fingers and fix it up a bit when you’re wrapping the hair around the flatiron it’s important that it wraps around the exterior side of the iron because that is what transfers the heat and gives you that bouncy curl that’s pretty much it now you can continue doing the rest of the hair using the exact same steps it’s also up to you where you want the curl to start as you can see, I start mine about midway because, I like more of that effortless look and what uh I’m halfway done, I love how quick and how easy it is to curl my hair with a straightener and unlike the curling wand, I have not yet burnt myself.

So that’s always great news moving forward I’m going to do the exact same thing on the other side of my hair I’m going to section the top hair and clip that up in the back starting from the back and moving towards the front creating these lovely loose waves, I also like to clip away the section that I’m no longer working with. So it doesn’t get in the way for the new section and all the pieces of my hair hair get some love one thing, I also want to mention is to pay attention to the direction that you’re making the curls go in and for me personally, I like it when the hair is curled away from my face. So that’s the direction that I’ll stick throughout on each side of my hair as you can see I’m taking the section of the hair and curling it away from my face and gently sliding the straightener down my hair and if you’re not too patient with your hair just like me you know how exciting it is to get to that last piece of hair yay and the curling part is done if you like your curls perfect and you can leave them as is that’s totally up to you, I personally like more of an effortless look.

So I’m going to run my fingers through out my curls to loosen them up and make them look a little bit more messy and we’re done never took your side never curse your name, I keep shut tight Ginga your go guys this is how, I curl my hair with a straightener, I find it. So much easier and. So much faster than doing with a curling wand let me know if you found this tutorial helpful or if you have any other questions and, I would love to help you answer in the comments below have a great day guys you soon you.

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