Hi everyone, Knowing your body type, allows you to focus on the parts that you like in your body when you style yourself and hide the parts that you like less. But your body type depends on correct measurements. So, today I will show you how to measure correctly your body and then we’ll find out which body type you have. Lets start with your measurements, you should be in your underwear, or wear comfortable adjusted clothes like, for example leggings and a top like I’m wearing. No bra, take of your bra before you start. I don’t want to get naked on camera so I’m wearing one, but you shouldn’t. In this case, do what I say, not what I do. Start with the bust, measure at the widest point, and make sure to stay horizontal, all around the body. Then comes the waist, the narrowest point is not where the belly button is, it’s actually higher. If you feel with your hands its just below your ribcage. Then we measure the hips, the widest points isn’t where you can feel your bones on the sides, it is lower, for most women its at about the level of the crotch, more or less. You have your three measurements, perfect.


Keep them for the next time that you order clothes online and cant decide which size to choose, instead of fighting to understand if US size 6 is a European size whatever inches, centimetres and so on, you just go to the measurement table, I have one on my website as well, it looks like that, and with your precise measurements, you exactly know, which size you need. But now, what’s your body type? If your hips are the widest part of your body, then you have a so call triangle shape or pear shape–that’s a really mean way to say it, it’s the most common body shape, it’s my type as well, I’d rather call it a Beyonca or Marilyn Monroe shape. Typically if you have this body shape, you would want to accentuate the thinnest of your waist, and play on showing your legs, like Marilyn and Beyonca do. If the widest part in your body is your breasts, and you have quite large shoulders, then you have a so call inverted triangle body shape. It’s a type that women usually rather reach by training than by nature, it’s a very sporty type with a narrow hipline and wide shoulders. Renae Zellweger (Bridget Jones), as well as Naomi Campbell, have this body type.

They’re both well trained ladies. Watch how Renae Zellweger typically stands not in front of the cameras so that her shoulder line is gonna appear narrower and her silhouette overall more feminine. Our third body type is typical of the supermodels from the 90s. Straight, boyish silhouette without too many curves. This was typically the shape of Kate Moss and that’s why she got so famous after the super models of the 80s were so hour glass-like, we’ll get to hour glass later. The fourth body type is the so call apple type, another mean way of putting it, so I call it the Catherine Zeta-Jones type, and she’s a sexy lady isn’t she? So typically her waist line is not that thin and she looks more like a diva or a vamp from the 40s and 50s. She’s incredibly sexy as well. Watch how she is wearing the perfect outfit for her body shape. She is wearing drapy fabric, asymmetric so you cant really say where the waist is, and not tight at the waist. Its perfect for her body type. The fifth body type, is men’s fantasy and the most famous body type it is. Its the hour glass shape. And here when you think of hour glass you have to think of Sof­a Vergara. If you are from North or South America you will know her, she plays in the Modern Family which is a TV series. She has the typical dream mermaid body, and she knows it. So she is wearing here the perfect outfit for her body type and that’s a mermaid dress, which accentuates the hour glass shape even more: In case we hadn’t noticed that she looks perfect! I’m considering making a post about how to dress and style those different body types, if you are interested, let me know by liking this post or leaving a comment down below in the description box. I have also made a post about how to determine your skin tone if you are interested which colours fit, which colours you should avoid. Interesting post. And here my post from last week about how to draw legs and feets, its part of a series call fashion drawing for beginners. You will find a playlist on my My blog and I see you next Sunday for the next post cause I’m switching to Sunday! Take care, see you next week, bye.

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