How to do a Fishtail Braided

Fishtailed side ponytail. I got a lot of requests to do this hairstyle after. I wore this for a couple of posts that. I did including this review post. So I thought. I would show you guys how to do it we’re going to start off by making a fishtail braid you’re going to take a large section from right next to your part and, I’ll actually going to be doing an inverted French fishtail braid, and if that sounds crazy hard just make this section really large, and then just do a fishtail braid all the way down it if you’re up for the challenge split your hair into two sections, and then in a fishtail braid you always take one little piece from one section, and transfer it to the other with the inverted one you want to make sure that you’re transferring that underneath that way we’re creating this d braid. So continue doing that until you’ve got a little bit of a base set up. I did this about five or six times, and that just gets your braid ready to have hair incorporate it into it. So to incorporate the hair what we’re going to do is take a very small piece of hair from next to where you’re braiding for me that’s kind of front hairline then take your little piece for one section, and transfer both of those pieces of hair to the other section, and then you’re going to repeat that on the other side by grabbing a small piece of hair grabbing your piece from your section, and braiding it over. And I did this about five or six times as well this kind of makes the base of your fishtail braid look really nice, and it looks like it has a really cool genesis rather than just kind of appearing out of nowhere.

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So. I like this look but it’s not absolutely necessary. So if it seems a little bit too tricky for you then you can just do a normal fishtail braid instead once you’ve done that about five or six times just go ahead, and fishtail braid all the way down your hair until you’ve reached the end then go ahead, and secure it with a small elastic band once you’ve got it secured we’re going to go ahead, and make this braid look extra big by pulling it apart. I always started the base, and get that to the size. I want, and then move up once you’ve got that to your ideal size we can move on to the next step which is to create your side ponytail it’s fairly easy all you really have to do is sweep all of your hair over.

I went ahead, and put a couple little bobby pins in at the nape of my neck to hold any short layers in, and you can definitely do that as well if you want to make sure that those don’t fall out throughout the day or you can just let them fall, and embrace the messiness either way go ahead, and pull your hair all over into that side pony, and then you’re going to take small knees of hair, and wrap it around where you want your ponytail to be then once you’ve got that wrapped around we’re going to go ahead, and put a clear elastic over the tail of the hair that we’ve wrapped around then just give the ponytail a little pull, and pull that little wrap over the elastic to hide it completely now this last step is completely optional but if your little fishtail braid is kind of small or short what you can do is take the elastic off the end of it, and spy it back into two sections then just take some hair from your ponytail, and incorporate it into each section you don’t have to braid it in or anything just kind of stick it with that section, and that enhances the length, and the volume of each section. So that you can continue to braid all the way down your hair, and make this braid look a lot more full, and kind of give the illusion of having fuller thicker hair to be able to make this really long braid. So it’s a nice kind of way to cheat this if you want to kind of create the look of a longer fuller braid, and of course at this point. I was getting a little bit bored of fishtailing. So I did my fishtail dance apparently anyway just go ahead, and secure it with an elastic at the end, and pull it apart to make it a little bit bigger, and once you’ve done that you are completely done with this hairstyle now Constance bitch tails is not necessarily the fastest hairstyle but you could definitely do this with a normal braid, and make a really great quick hairstyle for just on the go either way you wear this. I think it’s really cute really great, and perfect for summer. So I hope you try it out, and show me pictures if you do. I love you very much and, I’ll see you my next post bye.

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