How to do a Waterfall braid How to Finish it

Hey girls Galya here is still working on our summer braid series. And I decided this week. I wanted to do some posts inspired by pictures from tumblr now. I don’t actually tumble but. I get a lot of pictures sent to me from there. And I browse a lot on tumblr. I just don’t post. I know people are going to ask me in the comments what my profile is. I don’t have one. So useless to ask but anyway. I noticed that one of the most popular braids that. I get from tumblr are waterfall braids. So I thought hey let’s do a tutorial on a waterfall braid, I’ve done two posts with the waterfall braids before but. I thought it would be good just to do a post where. I taught the braid. So that’s what, I’ll going to do, I’ll also showing you guys two different ways to finish it off that. I haven’t done before. And I actually like better than the posts that, I’ve already done. So big thumbs up there um. And I think that’s it. I hope you guys find this helpful. I hope you enjoy it, and stay tuned for the rest of the hairstyles this week.

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I’ll pretty excited for them. So that’s it hope you’re having an awesome day see you next post maw bye first we’re going to start off by grabbing a section from the front, and splitting it into three, and then you’re just going to braid a couple of times normally to give yourself a little base to work with it makes it a lot easier when you start doing your waterfall the first step you’re going to take a little piece of hair from the top, and you’re going to French braid it in with the rest of the hair step braid the next section over just normally like you would always do step you’re going to take the bottom section of hair which is also the part that we French braided, and you’re just going to drop that, and then step four is to pick up a new section from the roots that grow right next to where you’re braiding again step one you’re going to French braid that top section in step two you’ve got to braid that over step three drop the bottom section of hair in step four pick up a new section then one more times step one is to incorporate the French braided hair step two is to braid over normally step three is to drop the bottom piece of hair, and step four is to pick up a new piece of hair, and then you’re just going to continue that for however long you want to do whether it’s around your whole hair or if you want to stop right here after just a couple inches that can be cute too the keys to this braid are going to be to keep your hands close to your head, and hold those pieces very tightly especially when you get around the back now once you can’t go any further you’re going to actually hold those three sections with one hand, and reach the other around the back top of your head. So it’s reaching around over the top. And I don’t know.

If. I can describe it but you can see, and then when you can’t braid any more that way hold on to it with one hand, and reposition your other hand. So that they’re both facing forward. I think that’s going to be easier to watch than have me explain sorry about that, and then you’re again just continue waiting however far you want if you find your hair is a little slippery use some hairspray before you start braiding to give your hair a little bit of tackiness once you finish one way to finish off the waterfall braid is to braid the rest of the hair normally which is what, I’ll getting right here then you’re going to take it you’re going to hold two sections of the braid on either side, and one section in the middle hold the two between two fingers, and then grab the middle one with one hand, and scrunch the two up the braid, and it looks like that once you’ve done it then what you’re going to do is you’re going to inch it down just a little bit you don’t want to go all the way back down your hair or will become a normal braid again. So only go down a couple inches, and the further down you go the less zigzagging it is. So you can decide if you want it super a zigzag you don’t scoot it too far you want it really is exactly scooted really good you’re going to get what. I think oh, and then go ahead, and see that off of the band or another way that you can do the is to French braid or to waterfall braid towards the back of the hair, and stop right in the middle of the back of the head, and then you’re going to braid a couple of inches normally just. So you don’t accidentally lose your waterfall braid, and then you’re going to go from the front, and do the same thing going right towards the back of the head, and you’re going to stop when you get in the back Center, and braid a couple of inches normally that way if anything unravels it’s the normal braiding out the waterfall braid then you can create a rope braid by twisting each section one way, and wrapping it another now if you need to know more than that on how to rope braid. I have this tutorial on it which, I’ll link in the description box.

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