How to do, and style a Dutch Braided headband

The girls came here today on doing a tutorial on this braided headband that helps to pull your hair back, and out of your face. I got a lot of requests for a French braided headband, and you can do this with a French braid but. I did it with a Dutch braid. So that the braid would be d. Because. I kind of liked that it kind of incorporates the kind of Dutch Swedish kind of milkmaid braids that we’re trendy for a while. And I are still very wearable but it kind of is a more fun version of that. Because it actually pulls your hair back, and out of the face like a headband. So it’s really cool you can wear in a couple of different ways the is part of what, I’ll trying, I’ll actually going to do a series of just fun summery braided headband or braided not braided headband but braided hairstyles and. So, I’ll going to be uploading those over the next couple days we’re going to see how we like this new format, I’ll be putting it in a playlist for you guys. I thought it was better just to have the one hairstyle. So if you want to watch the one hairstyle you can watch it if you don’t you don’t have to kind of thing. I think it’s more convenient for you guys that way um we’ll see we’ll see. So hopefully you guys like this tutorial. And I have some more fun ones coming up or. I might put a sneak peek at the end who knows anyway.

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So. I hope you guys enjoy it and, I’ll going to go ahead, and roll it first you’re going to part all the hair in front of your ears the is essentially all the hair that you want in your headband. So if you want it further forward you can do that or further back you can do that as well, and then once you do that you’re going to actually add another inch to one side the side that you’re going to start braiding on. Because when you start braiding the braids really small, and you’re going to have to work it up to be a little bit bigger. So I like to start it just a little bit more behind my ear. So that really small bit is kind of hidden, and then. I just want a clamp but to hold my place, and put the rest of my hair in a ponytail that makes it really a lot easier. So that you don’t end up a corporate hair you don’t want it in the French braid if your hair shorter, and you can’t get in a ponytail you can just use little Clips, and then bring your hair back out of the little clamp, and sweep it all to the side that you’re going to be bringing toward that makes it a lot easier, and then just take that first section on the very furthest side, and start to Dutch braid incorporating only hair from the front this first that is the trickiest it helps to keep your head tilted, and all the hair over there even though it looks a little silly it really makes a world of difference makes it a lot easier make sure that when you incorporate these pieces of hair you do. So loosely you don’t want it to look slicked back, and tight you want it to look loose, and effortless, and casual just fun. And I think sticking it back is really going to kind of hamper that.

So additionally if you do that on the top you’re going to look a little bit bald from the front, and that would look a little silly. So you can see here. I hold a little bit out just to loosen it up. Because, I’ve been pulling it too tight you can do that as well if you notice hey, I’ll doing it too tight you can always just pull back out, and do it a little bit more loosely. So you’re going to continue that around your head, and maybe gets a lot easier once you get that first half done, and continue until you reach right behind your ear, and once you get to their you’re just going to braid a couple of inches normally that way you have just a little bit of extra braids to work with, and if you accidentally drop it in some unravels then your French braid isn’t unwrapped you see that off with a little band, and pen away any little flyaway that might happen especially if you have layers that might be an issue all you have to do is use some bobby pins now you can go ahead, and go through, and fluff this out if you have any little stout divisions where he like bald spots. So you can see the scalp. Because he pulls a little bit tightly the is where you want to kind of fluff your hair out it’s going to help to make it more casual enough for lists but also hide any little thinning areas that you might have in that front section then if you want see you can go ahead, and align the braid with the hairline, and pin it in place, and that’s going to keep the end of the braid out of sight when you let your hair now the is what it looks like once you let the hair down you can just wear your hair down like this it’s a really cute little style or if you want you can pull it over into a side ponytail, and the way that. I like to stylist is to pull it over into a ponytail, and wrap the extra braids around the band, and then pin that into place. And I think it makes it look really cute, and fun or one other option the is actually my favorite of the three is to pull everything to the back, and twist it into a bun you can make this neat or messy or kind of a neat messy mix whatever you want to do. I think. I have a tutorial on how to pin a bun if you guys need help with that. So, I’ll link it in the annotations, and the down bar but just putting it in place, and then you have this little look which again it’s my favorite anyway that’s it. I hope you guys like this. I hope you try it out super-fun love you guys see my next tutorial.

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