How to Do the Banana Bun

Speak sorry I have discovered the banana bun this thing blew up on Instagram and Pinterest Can you use it on like second day here you can use it for a formal event trial quick it’s easy and it gives you all kinds of like Kristen as style hair Perfection.

So I think you guys are going to love this I’m going to talk you through it how to break it down and then how to dress it up hope you guys enjoy it let’s get into it You have any kind of wave in your hair I recommend using some waves spray this is the way wave spray going to spread the little this is just too, I like make the shovel tear look like it’s on purpose when it smells so good and now All of your head like you’re making a middle ponytail and then twist it a couple of miles to the left nice twist going on.

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But I wanted a little looser so I’m just going to pull a little bit now I’m going to pin and plate Bold all this up so I think it’s a lot better if you use these guys you can find them at any drugstore or Target or anything like that so now he’s got the Swiss going on take a second to look in the dryer and make sure you like how it looks from the front before you put any more pins in and now we make the bun for the bun you can just twist super Loosely and again rap Supra loosely And that employee there you go if you have ends you can either like leave them down or hell you can kind of take them around and pinned them as well I like end so and that is the finished casual version.

I think this is all kinds of Sweater Weather awesomeness also really going to look great if your hair is still a little damp and we’ll make it look purposeful and chic and now I’m looking a little For like a night out the first things first volume just going to tease around the top of my head for some extra key and what’s his books And then we’re going to twist select a couple times that we have ice and again I’m going to loosen it up and use some jumbo bobby pins to hold it in place if it feels wobbly at all just keep crisscrossing your bobby pins inside the twist until it.

With the bun so they can create that kind of faux French twist Hopefully that will get you have your nice little donut and the ends are nicely hidden so if you feel this being a little crazy and it’s not quite long enough to make it to the other side you can take the end End of the banana bun I liked it it looks kind of like a French twist of a French twist and I like that you can wear it more polished or you could texturize it and make it kind of like survive and I just think there’s a lot of things It out it’s so much fun and it’s great like okay have to run to the house and I want to look like I care about my life hairstyle cuz it looks like you put enough effort but it took you like 2 seconds so I hope you guys try it out And don’t forget to come back very soon for my next post I’ll see you then.

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