How to Double Dutch Braid Hair Tutorial

Hi everyone it’s better from here today and I’m going to show you how, I create this super popular double dutch braid now seriously this hairs have been chasing me. I’ve seen all over Instagram on. So many celebrity looks today this morning that was going to work there were three girls on the trailer wearing this hairstyle.

So it was like a sign that, I have to do a tutorial on this. So if you wanna know how, I created this look then keep on reading. So the first thing I’m going to do is brush through my hair to make sure there is no tangles as it will make the braiding a lot easier and now I’m gonna split my hair into two sections, I usually do my parting on one side but, I feel for this hair.

So it’s a lot better to do it in the middle as it will also help you to part the hair in two equal sections to make sure that there is the same amount of hair on each side okay I’m just gonna brush over again to make sure that hair is nice and smooth and I’m going to clip one of the sections away just to make sure that, I don’t take when I’m braiding this side that, I don’t take any hairs from this section onto onto the braid you might see that, I have quite a lot of flyaways is just because, I washed my hair this morning and for this reason, I feel is actually good to do this hairstyle when you have second or third day hair because it’s going to make the braiding a lot easier but I’m gonna do my best to work with what, I have now just grab one section here at the front. So this is going to be the section that we’re going to start braiding now divide this section into three equal sections just like you would with a regular braid. So now we have three stat strands we’re going to start Dutch braiding.

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So putting each section under the middle one. So that’s one the second one under the middle section now make sure that you’re braiding tightly because again it’s going to help you to work with a braid later once you’ve added the section under the middle section the second time you’re also taking more hair and adding on to this section now we’re grabbing again the left-hand section putting it under the middle one and grabbing more hair and adding it onto that section and again remember to keep it tight again left-hand side section put it under the middle one and add some more hair and here just when you’re braiding just make sure that you braid it quite close to your head. So that it doesn’t become too loose and continue braiding down until there is no more hair to add, I still have think just one more strand and again make sure to keep it close to your head okay once there’s no more hair to add I’m just going to stop here for a second and as you can see the braid is quite tight and neat up here maybe.

I’ve seen from my previous tutorials and it like my hairstyles to be a little bit messy add on to bohemian side. So I’m just going to do the same thing with this hairstyle if you like it this way if you like it more tied go for it just continue braiding down but, I am gonna stop here and just going to pull some sections out. So that it looks.

So it adds a bit of a Messier look and, I guess the braid is gonna look a bit thicker as well now once you’re happy with it just continue braiding down now I’m just going to add clear elastic and I’m going to do the same thing with this part of bread as well. So I’m just going to pull out a few sections not. So crazy just.

So it appears a little bit thicker you can go always come back to this and just pull out as many sections as you wish okay, I think this is good okay now that I’m done braiding this side I’m just going to go on to the other one again quickly brush through the hair and here again grabbing one section at the front and let’s divide it in three equal sections now that we have three equal sections we can start Dutch braiding again okay. So placing the side section under the middle section and I’m adding some more hair and this is where you can control how far or low you want your braids to go. So if you want it to be higher just make sure to to braid it a bit more backwards again if you wanted to be a bit lower than more towards the downside and just again continue braiding down until you don’t have any more hair to grab them right and this is my last section and I’m just making sure that I’m adding it on braiding it close to my head again are we going to stop here and I’m just going to pull out some sections now my hair today is really silky.

So it makes it quite hard to pull to pull the sections out and that’s what, I meant about having a second or a day of it second or third day hair it would make it a lot easier okay now that. I’ve finished fanning out my hair I’m just gonna continue braiding it down and again security with an elastic and pull out some sections and now just to make sure they both bracelet equal you can just fan them out more and just do some finishing touches to this look, I know a lot of people like to put their baby hairs away but, I actually like them for this one because as, I said, I don’t want it to be. So neat.

So, I am gonna just get some of them out even more, I feel that pulling out some of your shorter hair here at front um it helps you frame your face better. So that’s my personal preference and this is the finished look now this is a great look to create on your second or third day hair another thing, I love about this look is that it has a little bit of an edgy and unique feel you can wear it everyday to school or work or you can dress it up and wear it to party and make it a bit more funky, I would love to see your recreations. So please make sure to share your photos on instagram with hashtag flexi here thank you.

So much for reading wishing you all a great day bye onto my left side we have party hashtag luxy hair.

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