How to EASY beach waves CURLING IRON UNDER 10

I want to share with you today my favorite hairstyle for summer the beachy wave.

I feel like it’s everyone’s favorite hairstyle to rock in the summertime and this one is so effortless and. It’s so easy to do I’ve tried every single technique to get that perfect wave and, I finally achieved it.. So I wanted to share it all with you guys. If you want know how to recreate this look then please keep reading ok. I stopped first while you’re going to need a curling iron or a curling wand, I’m using my Conner a 1 inch barrel you guys know this is my tried-and-true curling iron it’s about 15 bucks and it does the trick also my hair is freshly washed. I prefer it like this because it’s when it’s most full and has more texture.

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So I just love the way that the curls come out because it makes it look like. I have way more hair than. I actually do even though. I have a lot of hair uncle you want to make sure that your hair is free of any knots or tangles just going to make this whole process. So much easier ok..

So I went ahead and, I section up our first section right above my ears and that bottom section. I just pulled forward into even section and usually. I prefer to curl my hair from the back to the front but because. I want all the hair that’s surrounding my face curled backwards, I’m going to start at the front and work my way back. So with my first section here, I’m grabbing relatively large sections at the bottom see the size of it, I’m going to be curling this away from my face. So, I’m going to take my curling iron and, I’m going to keep the clamp down point the curling iron down and, I’m just going to curl it around once. So about right at the middle keeping the hair flat and just curl it around the barrel one, I’m holding it for about ten seconds and then letting go.

So you want your bottom section to be curled just once. So that it remains nice and long and you’ll see it all comes together at the ends. So, I’m going to do one more section to show you. So the one beside this section, I’m going to be doing towards my face okay. So I’ll just do it to here. So same thing it keeps the hair nice and flat point the curling iron down curl it around once in the middle. So that hair is still sticking out at the end.

So there it is if you here’s a little bit shorter than me these add sections won’t be quite as long that’s no problem but it really gives it that beachy undone look. So now that we’ve done the bottom section if your hair has the hard time holding a curl you can definitely add some hairspray but, I’m just going to leave mine like this for the next section. I just section it off right at my temples on both sides and did the same thing. I pulled this section forward and again, I’m going to start in the front and, I’m going to be curling it away from my face but this time, I’m going to grab a little bit of a smaller section and, I’m going to curl it around my curling barrel twice. I believe to my curling iron a little bit higher than last time going around once and then twice and you can see that. I still have a fair bit of hair hanging out at the end and that’s what you want this time. I section it off just at almost the top of my forehead and then.

I brought again those sections forward people ask me like how do you do the back sections of your hair if you part that section down the middle and bring it forward that takes care of the back pieces right. So the pieces way back here that, I’m going to curl last fall at the back of my hair. So it’s the easiest way to get those back pieces hello there you get to your parts you just want to start grabbing more and more pieces as you can see at the bottom section. I did two on each side and then the next section on our temples it did three curls on each side and as. I get closer and closer I’ll do four and then I’ll do more and. So on and. So on this side of my head I’ve reached the top of my heart.

So once. I get there this whole section you can see it’s kind of thin incised but. I curl this whole thing away from my face this point once you’re happy with what your hair looks like try not to touch it because you want to let your hair sit. So that the curls can set, I’m probably gonna let it sit for about 5 minutes if you don’t have time no problem skip this step but it’s really going to help ensure that your curls last forever now that we’ve let our hair it sits and sets, I’m going to be applying my hairspray. I absolutely love this one by L’Oreal they’re on that extra stronghold and what, I’m going to do is, I’m just going to pull sections of my hair out like this and spray upwards. I just don’t want to talk while, I’m doing it. So, I’m sorry you really want to make these curls look really beachy and natural then pretend your hand is a wide toothed comb if you have one use it.

I just don’t. So while the hairspray is still a little bit tacky it just holds the bottom layer of your hair and kind of tease your hair upwards and then you do the same thing on the other side do you have you guys that’s how I create my beachy waves. I really hope this tutorial helped you this is my favorite hairstyle for summer because it is so low maintenance and this is the hairstyle that you can sleep on and they look even better the second day and even better the third day and in the summer time. I don’t know about you guys but. I do not want to do my hair..

So I love one that will last multiple days. So yeah thanks. So much for reading if you guys recreate this look please let me know down below or better yet send me a picture. I love when you guys send me pictures and, I can see the looks that you recreated it means a lot to me. So don’t forget to click the like button if you guys love hair tutorials as much as. I do and, I will talk to you guys soon.

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