Hello and welcome back. I’m so glad you could join me today for another post and, I am finally discussing my first ever experience with eyelash extensions. So, I have some post footage for you guys for today and, I have it from the very first time where, I got them filled like the full set and then three weeks after where, I got the first refill, I didn’t get too much from the very first time, I got them done just.


Because, I was nervous and, I didn’t know what to expect and, I didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable. But she was actually very kind and sweet and she actually kind of helped me focus. Because the whole time your eyes are closed. So she was really nice about it and plus, I had slug poisoning on my face. So it was really uncomfortable and it was painful. But I still wanted to grab some post footage for you guys to show you the before and after. So, I just got to the place where I’m gonna get my eyelashes done I’m kind of nervous, I don’t know I’ve cuz I’ve never done this before.

So, I don’t really know what to expect, I hope it’s good, I have faith it’s gonna be awesome. But that’s why, I have no eye makeup on. So let’s go and get this done. But quickly to my before. So we’re in the process of doing my eyelashes this is Rula hi. So which step are you on right now do we give that Pam okay just making them a little bit more voluminous uh-huh awesome alright. So we just got done doing the eyelashes wow look how natural they look that looks amazing, I am really impressed you did a beautiful job Hey you guys are you excited to come with me to get my eyelashes refilled.

Because, I am that’s basically why, I didn’t upload the post right away when, I first got them filled, I basically went to do a first impression for when, I first got them done and then my first refill. So it’s kind of, I want to see how long they would last and, I think they still look really good after three weeks can they look really good they’re growing with. Because they attach the actual eyelash extension to your real eyelash. So it grows with your natural eyelashes. So some of them are getting a little bit too long and I’m just I’m just really happy. So far after three weeks, I think, I could go for another four. But I’m leaving next week and, I didn’t want to do it last-minute all right let’s go get my lashes refilled alright.

So we are here let’s go get my eyelashes refilled. I’m so excited. So she’s mixing at nine and ten in the inner corners of my eyes what was that watch a sterile water ok the recreation oh wow ok Mike. So it just calms your eye yeah yeah Jeff Mike feels really good now. So, I just opened my eyes and we’re just making sure the lower lashes aren’t sticking too much the top lashes oh that’s. So pretty you did a beautiful job Rula alright guys. So there you have it this is the after with my first refill.

So we did a little bit differently we added 13s. Because it grew out the actual the first lashes they grew out. But they look. So good, I love them. So now that, I had a little bit more time to kind of experience my lash extensions and kind of live with them for a while, I wanted to sit down with you guys and just kind of tell you my overall experience kind of like go over like the longevity durability how to take care of them what to avoid and just basically overall how, I feel about them. So the type of eyelashes extension that, I got were the volume set. So that’s in comparison to the classic one where there is only one strand per your natural eyelash they’re a little bit thicker and they’re not as a natural looking as to the volume lashes where it can range from 2d all the way to 6d that means there’s either up to two or six strands per your natural eyelash resulting really fluffy voluminous lightweight lashes like, I have on.

So what she did was she starts from the inner corner mix her weights in the middle and then all the way up to the outer corner. So she did do 1d 2d and 3d strands on each single eyelash of my natural eyelashes. So as you can imagine it does take at least two hours for the first fill and for the refill it took about a little bit hour hour and a half and it also depending how much of your lashes grew and how many of the eyelash extensions fell out. So Rula the lash technician is definitely on the lower section of the price point compared to many lash technicians that, I researched before going to her. So, I paid for the first full set, I paid 110 and that was without tip and that’s for the volume the classic is definitely a little bit cheaper it starts at 85 and the refill it costs me $52 after three weeks. So if you do live in the Tampa Bay area and you do want to get her contact information just comment down below and I’ll give it to you and make sure you do your research don’t go to somebody that is just starting out or just practicing. Because you don’t want to be the guinea pig.

Because you do only get one set of eyes for the rest of your life just be smart about it and do your research, I just can’t stress that enough all right. So regarding durability for me it wasn’t that big of a deal or changing. Because if, I do wear makeup I’m very careful for when, I take it off, I use a wet washcloth and then, I use like tiny little precision q-tips to take my makeup off around my eyes. So what, I like to use around my eyes to take my makeup off is this Garnier skin active micellar cleansing water and these tiny little q-tips that are precision they are. So great and they just do the job very very well since the eyelash extensions are attached to your natural eyelashes they usually estimated to last up to four to six weeks. But that all depends on your natural lash cycle and how fast or slow they grow. So for me, I did up to three weeks just.

Because, I saw a few of my eyelashes through getting a little bit too long the lash extensions just. Because they were growing. If they were growing out with my natural lashes and I’m leaving this week to New York. So it was kind of a perfect timing to get them done in three weeks. So one of the biggest questions and concern around eyelash extension is can you still wear makeup and what type of makeup can you wear. So for me it definitely didn’t limit my makeup routine at all. Because, I still wear eye shadow, I still wear eyeliner the only thing different is, I don’t apply mascara to my top lashes or wear falsies.

So one thing you want to do stay away from is waterproof makeup or makeup with a lot of oils. Because you don’t want to be sitting there than the night rubbing your eyes or your eyelashes and just kind of decrease in the longevity and durability of your eyelash extensions. So regarding the comfort level of the eyelash extensions they are definitely pain free, I honestly can’t even feel them at all even the first time she did it with the full set it honestly feels like my natural lashes. But it was really funny like the couple days after when, I first got them done, I woke up. Because, I was rubbing my eyes and I’m like Milano what are you doing don’t rub your eyes and, I rat to the bath I’m just eating eyelashes kpop and surprisingly nothing came off, I would definitely recommend this to anybody, I already did to like all my family and friends are like you need to get them in your life now thank you so much for coming along with me to get my eyelash extensions done, I hope you enjoyed this post hit the thumbs up button. If you did subscribe. If you haven’t already and I’ll see you guys very soon in an upcoming post, I love you all very much bye.

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