HOW TO Eyeliner Techniques For Different Eye Shapes

Hey all, Welcome back my lovelies today we are talking all about different eyeliner for different eye shapes. So these eyeliner guide line techniques are meant to show you what they exactly do to each, I shape or shapes for example in my case, I have two different eye shapes, I have the almond shape and they’re also close-set eyes. So, I kind of have to work with both and see what works best for me. So, I hope these eye flicks or eyeliner flicks kind of inspire you to do something different with your eyes, I know not Netflix. But I flex even though Netflix and chill sounds really good right now I’m just thinking right now about Netflix. So like, I mentioned in the beginning my eye shape is more of like an almond eye shape and that’s exactly what it looks like. If you look straight ahead you can see the natural curve it resembles an almond and also.

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If you look straight into the mirror do your top and lower eyelids do they close on the iris and there’s not as much white portion of your eye that means you have an almond shaped eye where eyes. Because there’s two of them most eyeliner styles work very well with this shape. But there’s two techniques that, I love that will help accentuate the natural curve in your eyes. So the first one is with the liquid eyeliner and then the second one is either with a gel or a pencil liner. So both of these eyeliner techniques are really great. Because it will help define your natural curve in your eyes and then it will result with a beautiful sultry sleek look that will help elongate your eyes even more I’m starting with the liquid eyeliner first I’m going to start with the flick on the outer portion of my eye just like that and then I’m going to connect this creating like a triangle to my eyelid I’m going to bend my face just a little bit and create a very thin line of where my eyelashes start I’m just following the natural curve of my eye shape I’m going to go back in. So you see connected it from the very outer to the inner corner now my fill this in right here this little portion.

So you see how it elongates the eye just a little bit with that flick. But I’m just following the natural curve of my eye. So as you can see when both eyes are done you can see that it long gates the eyes with the natural shape and just gives it more of a sultry look alright my almond sista let’s make this look a little bit more sultry for the second technique I’m using a pencil liner for this and then do exactly the same thing you want to do a very thin line on the inner corner and then you build your thickness once you get to the outer corner I’m going to take the pencil to the my waterline very gently. But just through the outer corners we’re going to smoke the outer corner out as well I’m gonna take a pencil add some eyeshadow onto it small little tiny smudger brush and I’m going to start smoking it up that lashline wing it out just a little bit or a lot whatever you want. So you can see with this technique it does the same thing. But it gives it a little bit more of a sultry punch to your eyes it. But it still accentuates the natural curve in your almond eyes.

So as you can see with both eyes done it doesn’t take away from the look, I think it adds a little bit more sultriness to your natural curve to your eyes second let’s talk about the round shape. So the round eyes is where they’re really big bold and beautiful they’re right in your face it’s kind of like the cartoon look eyes. If you want to elongate your round eyes it sort of follows the same technique as for the almond eye shape as well I’m going to create this technique using a liquid eyeliner. But you can use any eyeliner you’re like for any of these looks which one you feel more comfortable with. So I’m going to follow the natural curve on the outer portion of my lashes create a flick doesn’t have to be long or short whichever you feel comfortable with and I’m going to connect that flick about like 3/4 or 2/3 of the weight into my eye just like that and I’m not going to take it all the way into the inner corner this way it will help elongate the eyes even more I’m going to fill it in I’m going to take a little bit of gel eyeliner with a very thin pencil liner and I’m going to take it to the very lower lash line in the outer corner and I’m going to create another flick here as well you can leave it as like a double flick or you can connect the two. So as you can see the difference on both eyes right here you can see that, I added a very thin line to the top lash line up going about a 2/3 of the way in and then, I added a second line to the bottom lash line also not going all the way in kind of connecting them right here on the very outer portion of my eye. But I didn’t connect the actual liner, I left them to flex.

So it just kind of gives a little bit more of a bold dramatic look. If you’re interested in how to take your eyeliner off without ruining the rest of your face and makeup I’m using precision cotton swabs and micellar cleansing water by Garnier works like a charm. So the next set of eyes is a closed set of eyes. So what is a closed set of eyes. So if you look straight ahead and you look in the mirror and you see the size of your eye. If you can fit it right in between that means you’re not close set. But.

If you can’t, and it’s smaller that means you have very closed set of eyes. So for me, I have pretty close set eyes. But it’s not in the borderline where it’s too close. So the best type of eyeliner look to e long get your eyes or kind of make them wider apart is a winged eyeliner where you mostly focus the eyeliner right on the outer portion of your eyes you don’t want to take your eyeliner all the way into the inner corner. Because this will make your eyes even smaller and will move them closer together. So you want to start with a flick and winged eyeliner looks beautiful on close-set eyes I’m going to connect it now I’m going to leave it right there and to add a little bit more emphasis on the inner corner of your eyes to make them a little bit more wider I’m going to take a little bit of a highlight shade this is nylon by Mac and I’m going to apply right a little bit to the inner corner of my tear duct this will help widen your eyes and make them appear more bigger and longer. So as you can see most of the emphasis is focused on the outer corners of the eyes and this results with my eyes looking like they’re more wide apart and then, I went in with the inner highlight to kind of open up my eyes and kind of hide the natural shading that makes your eyes appear closer next is a wide-set eyes this is exactly the opposite of closer eyes.

So basically the inner gap or here between your eyes it’s either the same size as your eye shape or it’s even bigger. So if you want to get your eyes closer together with the eyeliner you want to keep it all the same thickness from the inner to the outer corner and you don’t want to extend it past the outer corner we eye. So let’s say you do extend the outer corner give it a flick this will just extend your eyes even more farther apart I’m just using some gel liner with a little pencil brush I’m starting in the inner corner I’m going to focus majority of the eyeliner right along my lash line I’m going to stop where my eyelashes end I’m going to start creating a thicker line and you want to bring your eyeliner in all the way to the inner corner of your eyes. So as you can see this eye right here it looks like it’s a little bit closer to the center of my nose whereas this eye it looks like it’s just a little bit farther apart. So here’s the finished look with both eyes as you can see it gives it that illusion that my eyes are a little bit closer together than they really are next, I shape is the model that, I shape. So for the model lids you basically have a more flat eyelid and it doesn’t have a defined crease, I love thick eyeliners for monolids. Because just define the eye a little bit more.

So for this eyeliner look, I would suggest using either gel or liquid eyeliner that’s waterproof. Because. If you’re going to keep closing open your eyes you don’t want it to smudge or to disappear altogether. So for this we’re making it nice thick and dramatic as you can see, I started really thin in the inner corner that, I just made it really dramatic going past the outer corner and here you can see the finished look for both eyes, I just love it and, I love wearing really dramatic lashes with us to give it even more drama and punch. So the last set of eyes are the hooded eyes and, I love hooded eyes. Because it looks like your smizing all the time. So you’re always sexy seriously always.

So with hooded eyes this means that you have your eyelid it kind of drops over your crease. So this result with less eyelid space to work with. So for the lash line and the eye liner you want to actually focus it right on the tight line. But only 3/4 of the way in since your eyes already kind of closed you don’t want to close them even more by taking the liner all the way in you just want to focus right in the outer corner to kind of elongate them and make them a little bit wider. So for this you probably want to use a nice waterproof liner. Because you don’t want to line the lower lash line. Because that will close it up even more.

So I’m just picking up my eyes just like. So taking the pencil and gently lining. If you want very gently take the same pencil and just go running the outer corners and just give it a little flick just a tiny one. So when, I apply the eyeliner to the tight line and to a little bit of my lash line the outer corner it just enhances the eyelashes without dragging the eyes down even more or creating them smaller this just gives a beautiful look to your hooded eyes. So obviously there are. So many different eye shapes out there eye sizes is there’s not just one eye shape that you can just put yourself into like for me like, I said, I have almond and, I have a little bit of the close-set eyes. So for me, I like to play around with different looks experiment and this is just same thing for you guys experiment with your eye shape eye size and see what works for you to see what doesn’t just have fun with it.

So there you have it, I hope you guys liked this post maybe found some inspiration let me know what kind of eye shape you guys have and which technique is your favorite for eyeliner, I hope to see you guys very soon my next post, I love you all very much bye.

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