How to fake having short hair

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for a faux bob tutorial. I have always had the hardest time with these but. I played around a little bit, and found a method that worked for me. So I thought. I would show you guys how to do it the is basically if you want to make yourself look like you have much shorter hair. So use anybody’s wondering if. I cut my hair too this link the is what. I would look like. I think if. I cut my hair short. I went, and quite do it here. I think the is an unflattering length for me Id probably go like down to here maybe anyway.

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I hope you guys like this. I hope maybe some of you guys try it out to see if you like it um but yeah that’s it. I will see you in my next tutorial can you’re going to start off by separating your hair from the top of the nape up you want to make sure to get the hair in front of your ears on either side. Because you want to make sure that we have that out of the way, and go ahead, and twist that, and just secure it. So it’s not in the way, and then you’re going to take the hair at the nape of your neck, and twist it into a bun that way we get rid of some links from the hairstyle, and we may get a little bit easier to do this style you’re just going to pin it about an inch to two inches up from the hairline. So that it looks a bit like this, and then you’re going to let the rest of your hair down separate the hair on either side, and we’re going to give it a little tease. I spy it into two sections. So you do the tease just. So I would have some more volume we’re going to do this tease both. So we can get volume, and also.

So we can mesh the hair together if you’ve ever done this before you might find that your hair breaks, and shows that you have that little bun in the back, and you can see that it’s not an actual bob. So the is one way to help you can also tease the size, and with the back. So you can mesh that hair either more it just kind of helps to prevent breaking in your hairstyle, and then you can twist or braid the end depending on how long your hair is, and then you’re going to roll it up like a bun, and place that little bun right underneath the hair that you just kind of teased then you’re going to pin that bun into place just using a couple bobby pins criss-crossing them helps them to stay even better, and you can pin up any little areas that are sagging more than you want them to for my front bangs. I just went ahead, and pulled them back, and push them underneath a piece of hair, and pin them into place. So it looked like. I was pinning back little bangs, and then. I took the end. And I tucked it under, and then do with the rest of my hair, and that’s all. I had to do now it looks like. I have a bob. I hope you guys like you, I’ll see you my next post.

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