How to Find the Best Foundation Color Shade for You

FOUNDATION The whole reason I wear makeup is to make my skin look smooth. For me, beauty is all about the skin. Most women, I venture to guess, probably have that same motivation. When you look at someone whom you find pretty, most likely she has clear, smooth skin. It’s an essential component to good looks.
Foundation is the surest way I know to get the smooth skin I want. Some women, it seems, have bad associations with the word foundation. They fear that by wearing it, they are committing to the most grown-up, serious cosmetics artifice. They associate it with heavy, masklike makeup. They think it sounds old-fashioned, like something their mothers or grandmothers would do: Foundation? Isn’t that what lingerie used to be called?‚ Perhaps the word is unfortunate and dated. But the good it can do for you is enormous.
Foundation doesn’t have to be a big commitment or an involved science. On days when I don’t have much time, I may choose to use a foundation stick just to even out my spots. You will determine for yourself how much foundation to use and when. If you have never worn foundation, start with the lightest, most natural option like a lightweight tinted face moisturizer. (There! Then you won’t even have to call it foundation!)

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