How To Get A Baby To Sleep All Night

How To Get A Baby To Sleep All Night

Night Terrors

Night terrors are rare. They affect only about 5% of children, usually boys aged between four and seven, and they ofen run in families. Night terrors come and go with regular episodes followed by long peaceful intervals. There are no long- or short-term effects of night terrors.

They usually occur when your child is coming out of the deepest part of sleep, in the first three hours of sleep. The part of the brain that affects the expression of emotion wakes, but the part that is related to memory and awareness remains deeply asleep. This means that your child may look as though he is having a truly horrific experience but he wont remember a thing in the morning, or even immediately after the night terror if he is brought to full awakening.

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Night terrors begin with a piercing scream. Your child will be sitting in bed, staring ahead, possibly sweating or mumbling incoherently. He will not appear to be aware of his surroundings or of you. He will not be awake and will resist being woken.

Harry would wake up an hour after he had gone to sleep and sit bolt upright. He didnt want to be comforted. It would almost be as if he was blind – as if he couldnt see you – it seemed as if he was in the middle of a nightmare. The night terrors used to happen if he missed his afternoon sleep – because he was overtired, and couldnt shift from one sort of sleep to another.

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