How To Get Baby To Sleep At Night

How To Get Baby To Sleep At Night


Try it in the daytime first – it will be a lot less fraught. Once youve cracked it in the daytime, you can do the same at night with confidence.

Having a tired baby fall asleep on you after a satisfying feed is one of the joys of early parenthood, especially when you can afford the time to just sit and soak up that contentment and peace. You dont have to give up this pleasure altogether. But, if you want to encourage your baby to feel OK about going to sleep without a teat or breast in his mouth, its worth just rousing him a little as you finally put him down so that he feels himself drifting off to sleep without something in his mouth.

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When Should I Stop Feeding at Night?

Theres no right time. Some babies give up feeding at night, of their own accord, after a few weeks or months. Research suggests that the average breastfed baby sleeps through the night a few weeks later than the average bottle-fed baby, 13.28 weeks rather than 10.62 weeks (Wright et al., 1983) while others go on feeding at night for longer-sometimes much longer. So long as you enjoy the closeness of the night-time feeds, theres no reason to stop.

I still breastfeed James in the night and I think that thats helpful. I think that babies need food at night. He just snuffles around and latches on, while Im asleep. If you breastfeed you release hormones that help you to go back to sleep more easily if you do wake up.

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