How to Get Deep Waves Hairstyles

We felt like two birds in a house on the corner. Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA. So today I’m going to show you how to style your hair using the deep V waver that looks like this. Now, one of my favorite things about the deep V waver is that you don’t have to blow dry your hair before you do it. So, in fact, I washed my last night and slept on it wet, which is why it looks a little scraggly this morning, but that’s totally fine because the deep V waver is going to fix all of that. So let’s get started. Now, to begin with, I just separated my hair so I pulled most of it up and just left a little section down and I’ve already gone ahead and sprayed in my pre-heat styler, so my heat protected. And now I’m going to take the deep V waver, I’m just going to take a section, maybe like two inches wide and I always go with the flat part down. And then I’m going to just crimp and it’s just a squeeze and you don’t even have to hold it very long, squeeze and squeeze.

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And you can see that that’s going to give me that nice curl. Now, I’m going to take the next section. Again, go ahead and just put it on, give it a quick squeeze, squeeze, and squeeze all the way down to the ends. Go over to the other side. So this is super easy. You guys get the idea. This is really not complicated. And because you don’t have to squeeze for very long, it really doesn’t take a ton of time, which is awesome in the mornings when you’re trying to move fast, but you still want a nice curl. And I’m going to continue to work my way up the head just sectioning off as I go. Make sure you use your heat protectant as you go along with each layer. Spray it on, keep those ends nice, and then pick up a section. Good. When you get to the top section, a little trick I’m going to teach you. I usually part my hair just slightly off to the side, and I can do that right now, but then when I crimp it, it leaves a little bit funny. So I’m actually going to go just right to the middle of my hair and I’m going to curl it with the middle part to begin with. Go ahead and crimp it. See the nice fullness I get in the top of my roots using this?

Normally, I’d feel like I’d have to blow dry my hair to get all that volume so then I can use my wand, but using this one, I don’t feel that way, which is great because it’s one less step, which means not as much damage on my hair. Let’s finish it up. So now you can see I’ve got my curls like this. Now, what I’m going to do is just go over where I would normally part my hair and flip it back over and what that’s going to do is just loosen those curls a little bit in the front and help them just look a little more natural and not quite so crimpy looking, which is great. And then I just finger comb all the way through it till I like it to create any spots that have not been curled on accident, and you are set. I missed this one, see? There’s always a few little remnants. Get this one. Then fluff it the way you like it, add a little hair spray to set it, and you are ready to run out the door with this great curl that didn’t take you very long, and it looks amazing. And now you have finished product.

I’ll show you. I don’t get to spin myself very often. So this is the way it looks. I love it because the ends are still kind of piecy like. I like them. It’s a great hair do to begin with for a day. The next day, it still looks pretty good. Like tomorrow, I’ll just have to touch up the very top layer with a little bit more curl. Everything else keeps the curl just fine. You can add accent braids, anything like that looks really good with this hair do. I typically hold it about three seconds, I’ve decided, on each little clamp as you move it down the hair strand. Also, I am using this deep V waver, and I’ll provide a link in the description box below. But I have used multiple deep V waivers, and I think they all work pretty much the same. So I’ll put a link to a few of my favorites and their different price points and then you can decide which one you want to buy. If you have other products or tools that you’d like me try, leave a comment below telling me what they are, and don’t forget to show me the pictures of the way you’re styling your hair using these waves. You can #CGHDeepWaves ways and we will see you guys next week. Bye, guys. Will I see you soon? Mascara on the mirror. Pull gently until you create kind of a bow effect like we used in the bow braid. I want this top one to be bigger than the bottom. Teach me the song. What? Teach me. The pizza song? Yeah. How’s it go? Teach it to daddy. What? Teach me the pizza song. The pizza song? Yeah, please. Teach me. How’s it go? Papa, papa, pizza, ritza. Like this? Papa, papa, ritza, litza. No like this. Papa, papa, ritza, song.

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