How To Get My Baby To Sleep In Her Crib

How To Get My Baby To Sleep In Her Crib

Feeding and Sleeping

Id advise everyone to breastfeed if possible as it is so much easier in the night to just pick up your baby and feed him. Feeding your baby and sleeping yourself at the same time means you dont lose much sleep yourself. Just put your baby down when you wake and find he has finished feeding.

Dawn, mother of six

Our little girl, Gwenver, who is five, didnt sleep through until 16 months ago, she used to feed constantly, evenings, nights and all day. She was waking every half an hour. I did think about using a dummy because she was using me as a dummy.

Sian, mother of Gwenver and Rowena

With the twins my husband and I can never take turns. Mia wakes and cries so hard that she wakes Sam up, and so my husband has to get up. He finds it hard. Most of the blogs seem to encourage you to feed them together. I had an aversion to that. I just felt like a cow. I liked the idea of having a little bit of time with each of them But this meant that I was constantly feeding one or other every hour or two.

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Kim, mother of twins, Mia and Sam

For about the first six weeks your baby drifts in and out of sleep and on and off the breast or teat. Newborn babies have stomachs the size of a walnut so at this age it is easy and comforting to feed your baby whenever he cries, whatever the time. Many babies, early on, do not even finish a feed in the way we expect but feed in clusters of small meals with big spaces in between, dropping asleep like the dormouse in the tea-pot, day and night.

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