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Go away wrinkles. Oh we’ll get that. We’re turning back the hands of time right? As we speak. My name is Laura. My name is Lauren. I’m Jenna and I’m here to get my neck wrinkles filled. I am not in my forties and I hope to never look like I am but I am 31. I’m 26 years old and I have these deep pronounced neck wrinkles, that I’m blaming on my iPhone. I am 24 years old and I did not expect to be doing it but I am very excited. I call my neck wrinkles, it’s like a tree trunk, you know? You can count my age based on the number of wrinkles you see on my neck. I have not named my neck lines but I hope that they don’t last long enough for me to start naming them. My name is Dr.

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Norman Rowe and I’m a board certified plastic surgeon. I’ve noticed younger patients coming in with complaints of lines in their neck. Most of the time it’s due to the fact that we’re constantly looking down at our cell phones The shorter the wrinkle has been part of the patient’s neck the better the success rate. It’s again like that paper analogy once you form a crease on a piece of paper even if you open up that piece of paper that crease may still be there. We’re going to put hyaluronic acid filler in your neck. It is a relatively painless procedure the results are seen instantaneously. So I’m just going to mark out the areas that I want to concentrate on. Hers pretty much go from almost earlobe to earlobe, and so we’re gonna go after that. Put a little bit of alcohol and I’m gonna kinda follow my little road map here. We just put it right into the skin. Just a series of little shots. Slowly gonna start on the outside and work our way towards the middle. And again you’ll be able to go on about your day. Really no down time. The right side of her neck the two lines, she had one here and one here, have been injected. While the left side I’ll start on in just a moment.

But I wanted to kind of compare and contrast the left vs right, the before and after. We completed the right side and you have two wrinkles there and they kinda coalesce into one on the left side. So we’re gonna start treating the one on the left side. Jenna that’s not too terribly painful? Not at all. Feels like a little bee sting most patients relate it. It’s like I said the good thing about this filler is it lasts a year and the bad thing about it is it lasts a year. You’ll be able to go out, go to the gym, your normal activities right after this. If you have a little wrinkle take care of it while it’s a little wrinkle. Before it gets too big. Alright you can text your friends about your new neck. Can’t wait! Whoa! You can actually really see the difference. That’s so crazy! The lines are gone. Whoaaaa. It’s crazy! Oh wow! It already looks a lot better. I think it looks great. I definitely feel more confident.

I would totally recommend this to anyone. It didn’t hurt at all and it looks amazing. Just right after. Oh! Wow! That’s really impressive I’m definitely coming back to Dr. Rowe in a year when this wears out. I feel great about my neck now. I feel like I don’t have anything to hide. Whereas before when I was looking in the mirror I would always see my neck lines and feel a little bit self conscious about them. And all it takes is a few needle pokes in the neck. Easy.

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