How To Get Your Baby To Sleep In The Crib

How To Get Your Baby To Sleep In The Crib

Lindsay remembers sleepwalking as a child:

I know that on one occasion I was walking round the house, and my mother was following

Some children sleepwalk nightly and others only when triggered. Triggers may be a full bladder, noise, stress, anxiety, fever or sleep deprivation. Pats father died suddenly when she was 16:

I can remember waking up on a swing in the local park where my dad and I used to go a lot when I was little. It was really frightening to find myself out there in my nightie.

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Sleepwalking usually only occurs once in a night and for only 15 minutes at a time, ending spontaneously with the child returning to bed and to sleep. Your sleepwalking child will be difficult to wake and in fact it is best not to wake him. Some parents find that they can suggest to their child that he returns to bed and others can lead their child there but if your child doesnt go, dont force him

It is possible for your child to injure himself while he is sleepwalking. If he sleepwalks regularly, dont let him sleep in the top bunk or have mirrors in his room, clear the floor and the stairs of toys and, if he is young, put up a stair gate. Ensure that all windows are locked at night and that the front door is secured with a high lock.

Most young sleepwalkers gradually grow out of it. For older children and teenagers, sleepwalking and night terrors may indicate unresolved emotional stresses. If your child is having frequent episodes you may like to consult your doctor for medication or counselling. Drug treatment (diazepam) is available for long, frequent episodes but is not usually needed, and should be seen only as a temporary measure.

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