How To Get Your Baby To Sleep

How To Get Your Baby To Sleep

Your sleep goal may be the same as others, but your journey to it may not. Ultimately most parents probably want their child to sleep in his own bed readily and with the minimum of help from them. For some parents it is important that the goal be achieved quickly, while others are happy that the process takes years and that the child will tell them when he is ready, and many more want to keep their baby with them at night early on and move him away when they all seem ready. Keep your goal in mind.

Our ultimate aim is for India to sleep in her cot. But she is a brilliant sleeper, and I have no qualms about having her in my bed. She sleeps from 8.30pm to 8am If she wakes then Im there. Im sure that she is happy to go into her cot awake because she is secure that we will go and get her if she cries.

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Judy and David, parents of India, aged seven months

Sue wanted Charlotte to sleep independently from the beginning:

Charlotte slept in a Moses basket in her own room at the start. The Moses basket was then placed in her cot from when she was about six weeks old. At 12 weeks of age she went into the cot and her sleep pattern didnt change.

Sam wanted Milly to be close for the first six months and to sleep in her own room after that:

Milly sleeps from 8.30pm to 8.30am with two or three awakenings for her dummy each night.

We consider ourselves fortunate. She was sleeping through like this from around ten weeks.

I had her in bed with me for the first six weeks, then in a Bed-Side-Bed until six months. I think this helped establish a good routine and security for her.

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