Good morning everyone and welcome back to my blog. And in today’s post I have another skincare routine post for you. That’s why I’m barefaced. I was cleaning out my beauty closet the other day and I noticed that there were still some skincare products that I haven’t touched yet. So it usually takes me about a couple weeks to a month for me to finally have a review for a skincare product. So I thought sharing more skincare routines might be a helpful way to, I don’t know, share products that you guys might have never seen before and also for me to actually use the product.

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But, of course, for each of these skincare routines it’s not going to be all new products because I am still trying my best to finish up the products that I have shared in my previous posts before. So I hope that these skincare routines will be helpful for you. Today, we are going to focus on glass skincare, and if you haven’t heard of it before it’s basically when your skin is looking clear, poreless and dewy. So when I looked into it I realized that it honestly has to do with moisture and moisture is something that I focus on my skin anyway because I have dry and acne-prone skin. I wanted to make this post for all skin types because some of the articles and posts I have seen were by people who already have perfect glass skin. So I wanted to share with you guys my tips and tricks. So if you are curious, keep on reading. To start off, I have been using the Klavuu cleansing foam. I normally hate on balm cleansers because they tend to dry out my skin, but this one is different. It’s a soft, creamy foam that actually hydrates the skin because of the way it is formulated. This brand is known for using pearl extracts, which helps brighten the skin and you actually only need a pea-sized amount and it lathers so nicely. So this is all you need. But let me first clip my hair back because the bangs can be quite annoying sometimes. Alright, so I’m gonna wet my hands and then Look at that, it lathers so quickly and it’s super soft Now wet my hands Knowing that this cleanser has pearl extracts makes this cleansing experience feel very luxurious. And my mom actually really likes this cleanser as well. And it is popular amongst mature skin types because they also have anti-aging benefits.

This Woman’s “Glass Skin” Skin-Care Routine Is Going Viral

So I really like the brand Klavuu and I want to try more products from there. But yes, we’re gonna wash this off now. Alright, so next we have toner and toner is very important because you just washed off your face, so you want to balance that pH level. So I’ve been using the ID.AZ essential toner. You might remember this from a bathroom tour, or I might have uploaded on Instagram with like my skincare collection But I have been using this for a couple of weeks, and I love it. It’s basically an alcoholic-free toner and is formulated with aloe and hyaluronic acid, which is great for moisture, and moisture is key for achieving that glass skin. But I like the tap and I’ll be layering this three times but don’t rub because that will cause wrinkle so tap tap tap I actually really like the scent of this product and when I looked at the ingredients there is chamomile and lavender water and that’s actually great for calming and soothing the skin as well as the body. And I actually drink a cup of chamomile or lavender tea at night while I edit because I want to relax my body. So it was just, like, kind of cool to discover because I was like, oh, that’s why I really like the scent of this. But yes, great toner. (don’t forget the neck area) So next, we have eye cream. You can’t have dull eyes even if your skin is looking perfect. Having dull eyes can actually make it look very off. So for eye cream, I’ve been using this duo right here. So I start off with the Drunk Elephant eye serum.

Exactly How to Get Glass Skin in 5 Easy Steps

This is step one for eye cream and a commentr actually told me about that. So thank you for correcting me. I thought it was just like a regular eye cream. But yes, first, I like to apply this as a serum for your eyes. And with this, I like to also apply it on my smile lines as well as my forehead area. Then using this sample from Lanc´me. I have been loving this eye cream because it feels very rich. They’re both very expensive products though, Drunk Elephant and Lanc´me. But I got the Drunk Elephant one as a gift and then the Lanc´me one as a gift as well. In the morning I try to use less skincare products because I’ll be following up with a sunscreen, as well as foundation, powder, things like that, so I want to keep it as lightweight as possible. And I’ve been skipping out on essence this month because of this product right here, because it acts as both a skin booster and a light moisturizer. So I’ve been loving this and I’ve done a separate watermelon skincare review, so if you haven’t watched it, click up there. But yes, I’ve been loving this Peaches from Glow Recipe. It’s a very fun product because it smells so good and it’s a pink product. It’s so smooth, and I just really like massaging it into my skin. The final skincare step is sun care, and here I have the Acsen UV Protector Essence.

How to Try the Glass Skin Trend

This is one of my favorite sunscreens. It’s formulated with centella asiatica, which is great for acne and peptides which help with anti-aging. So I use a blue puff for a dewy finish. So.. Here, I’m just going to apply this much onto my skin. It feels super lightweight. It almost feels like nothing, but it has 50 SPF, which is pretty amazing. Yes, that’s it for the skincare part now, let’s go do the makeup. So for glass skin makeup, you don’t want your makeup to look cakey. So I’ve been using one layer of BB cream, but before that, it’s important to prime. And here I have the Erborian Glow Cr¨me. It always looks like I’m squeezing out a pearl because it’s super highlight-y. But it is formulated with liquid (liquorice) extract, which helps hydrate and brighten the skin. You see that glow? Very important for the glass skincare routine. See it? Now we’re gonna switch from blue to brown.

Brown usually gives a matte finish. And I’m going to be using the Healing Cream today and this is formulated with green tea and chamomile, which is great for the skin. And this is great for people who have acne and sensitive skin, because it’s basically skin care, and it has healing benefits. So I really, really like this BB cream so much and it lasts for so long because you only need a little bit of it. I’m gonna set the makeup a little bit because it’s looking too dewy. So I’m just gonna control the shine on my forehead. And now, using one of my favorite highlighters, I’m going to highlight the cheekbone area. This is where everyone highlights for that glass skin look, but yeah, I really like this highlighter. So those are my tips and tricks on how to achieve the glass skin. I hope you guys found this post helpful. If you want more skincare posts from me give this post a thumbs up. If you’re interested in any of the products that I used today, please check the description box, because links will be down below. And I’ll see you guys in my next one. Bye!.

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