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My beautiful friends how are you doing, today’s post is going to be something very very exciting this post has been requested for years and finally I’m here to dedicate a whole post on how to help your hair grow longer faster, I personally been growing out my hair for years now. And I’ve tried and tested.

So many different things and today’s post is actually going to be a really quick really easy and simple tips that. I’ve tried and tested and they’re really do work because, I tried million different things most of them didn’t work but only a few simple things now that, I can look back and see the whole progression the whole process of me growing my hair, I can really see which things really did work and made a difference. So let’s begin, I specifically for this post didn’t wear my luck see hair extensions because, I wanted to show you my hair in its natural state I’m just gonna raise myself just a little bit.

So you can see how long my hair is, I think it’s about 17 inches right now, I just got a trim. So it’s a bit shorter than it was but it’s honestly the longest. I’ve ever had my hair hallelujah finally and I’m really happy with the length I’m gonna keep growing it even longer and I’ll be sharing with you all my experiences as, I go along but up to this day tip number one that, I can share with you that, I think is one of the most effective things that.

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I’ve been doing from my hair in the last few years to help grow it faster is getting regular mini trims, I know this sounds a bit counterintuitive however getting regular mini trims doesn’t really cut off too much of it here and I’m talking about not like every two three weeks I’m talking about every two three months. So it’s not that regular. So it’s only maybe three four times a year and when you’re cutting your hair you don’t want to cut a few inches depending on how damaged the answer you want to go anywhere from half an inch to an inch whenever I’m in Toronto, I go to Toronto every few months and, I was just there.

So, I got my trim just recently like a week ago not even a week ago it was just a few days ago, I go to my hairdresser and, I literally tell her just cut maximum of an inch depending on how damaged my hair has gotten since the last time. I’ve seen you you can cut anywhere from half an inch to an inch but not more, I know for a fact that a lot of my friends go to hairdressers and they tell them you know cut an inch and they caught inches or even more with my hairdresser, I know that, I can really trust her. So, I think it’s important to establish your relationship with the hairdresser that you can trust and you can go through regularly again every two three months and when you go to them you just tell them just trim just a little bit a tiny bit this is how it actually works.

So when you trim your hair you’re here actually things it’s wounded. So it actually promotes hair growth and starts growing faster that’s what doing it regularly will help you grow your hair faster also what it does it keeps your ends looking healthier. So you’re here overall looks beautiful and healthy and longer all right tip number two and this is probably going to be the only favorite tip and, I know that’s something that, I still work on is actually minimizing or avoiding all heat this is really hard if you have frizzy crazy hair like mine.

So, I still use heat i blow-dried my hair almost every time, I wash it, I also stopped using all flat irons, I barely ever use you know hair straighteners curlers, I still use once in a while because obviously, I have this blog and, I want to show you guys different things to do with your hair however in day to day, I barely use curlers, I prefer to use you know heat free ways to crawl my hair and there’s also different posts where, I showed you guys how to create heat free curls and ways you want to avoid heat because heat really drives the hair when the hair is dry it gets damaged and it starts splitting at the ends and what it does in the end is you’re gonna have to cut your hair because it’s damaged and it’s gonna prevent your hair from growing if your hair is trade or if your hair is manageable without heat, I would definitely suggest trying to go a few months without he just really gone there’s no heat thing and really try to avoid it at all cost also what, I do is, I avoid over washing my hair and, I would suggest you do the same because over washing your hair strips you hear of natural oils they’re actually really beneficial for your hair and for the hair growth. So like, I said before, I can actually go 3-4 days sometimes even a week, I know it sounds a bit gross but with my hair its point the first few days, I can wear it down and then, I just put it in different hair styles and, I know that my hair is getting the nourishment from the oils and it’s actually good for it and then, I avoid the extra hot styling from it as well. So once in a while try to go a few days without washing your hair it’s really really good for you and definitely avoid washing in every single day that’s probably the worst you can do for your hair remember even if you hear a spine you can go at least two days without washing you.

So the first day wear it down the second day put in a braid or a ponytail or a bun do something fun with it and then wash it on the third day now the next tip, I want to talk to you about that will make your hair grow longer and healthier is hair supplements there’s many hair supplements out there I’m actually going to talk to you about just two that, I know how work for me the first one that, I want to mention is he’s in love butter and this is something, I mentioned before in a post I’m gonna link it down below. So check it out, I use this hazelnut butter in my biotin hair shake it’s pretty amazing that this hazelnut butter contains a high dosage of hair biotin as many of you may know biotin is very beneficial for hair growth you can get it of course in a supplement form in a tablet but personally, I prefer to you know get it from the source which is from vegetables or from knots that actually contain the biotin snow you can either eat regular hazelnuts you want to eat a handful of them to get the biotin or you can also buy hazelnut butter this one actually contains, I can tell you here 170 grams contain 156 percent of your daily intake obviously you don’t need that much. So you’re not going to eat the whole thing in a day but what you can do is, I would say one to two tablespoons a day of hazelnut butter will give you enough biotin that you need a day.

So this is what. I’ve been doing last year actually used to eat it all the time and, I saw significant difference in my hair not only the length but also the thickness of the hair my hair got a lot thicker and healthier. I’ve stopped it for a little while because as you know with us humans when you do something and it works you’re like oh, I don’t really need to do it anymore.

So, I feel like I’m starting to do this again and I’m starting to see the results again because it’s just amazing it’s. So easy just included in your daily intake. So you can add it to your shakes or smoothies or you can just eat it or what, I used to do is also make pancakes with it.

So yeah that’s one another two supplements that, I would definitely recommend to help your hair grow longer and faster is ayran and, I have it here because without iron your hair is going to be brittle it’s going to be breaking it’s just not gonna be healthy especially if you’re vegan or vegetarian and you don’t get enough iron in your diet you want to make sure you get some natural this is a natural formula actually get it in Canada. So, I have to order it when, I go there, I haven’t been able to find it here in the UK but to be honest, I haven’t really researched March. So I’m sure maybe it sold on some websites.

So yeah this iron formula is very natural it’s very good it doesn’t cause constipation because a lot of iron supplements can cause that and it’s been working really great for me in addition to iron, I also take folic acid, I don’t have it with me because, I finish the bottle and, I don’t have the bottle with me but it pretty much what folic acid is it’s vitamin b9 you can get it as a whole group of the vitamins or you can also get it on its own just go to a health food store or Whole Foods and you can get it there again folic acid is very beneficial for hair growth just like iron or biotin all of these supplements will help nourish your body from the inside which will help your hair grow longer and faster now before, I finish, I want to just mention one last tip and it’s drinking enough water this is something that, I mentioned in millions of my posts before but personally because, I still struggle with drinking enough water, I want to mention in one more time for myself and for you just getting enough water in your diet will make you here look shiny will help your scalp be healthy and having a healthy scalp is what helps you here grow faster and longer. So make sure you get enough water in your diet just remember we are made of 70% water. So think about if you don’t get enough water you’re dehydrated your hair is gonna be brittle and it’s gonna break and it’s gonna prevent you from being able to grow in hair longer and faster in the meantime what you can do is make the best of the hair you have right now.

So really play around with it have fun do some funky hairstyle side braids ponytails bonds, I show you. So many different ways to style your hair and, I know you’re gonna say well you were a hair extensions most of your posts yes, I do because it just looks more dramatic with hair extensions however if you still create all of this hair cells without the extensions you might just not get as dramatic of an effect also of course you can add clip in hair extensions while you grow your hair that’s what. I’ve been doing for years and even now that, I have one here, I still add clip in hair extensions just because it’s a fun way to have long hair instantly the best part that it’s safe to use it’s not damaging to your hair you can clip it in your hair when you need it clip it out of your hair not have to worry about anything else that’s really it for today guys these are my tried and tested tips and tricks on how, I grow my hair definitely give them a try let me know how it works for you I’d love to hear your feedback also if you have any tips on growing your hair longer and faster, I would love to learn from you definitely leave me a comment share it down below I’m sure everyone would love to read it as well thank you.

So much for tuning in, I love you guys and I’ll see you soon bye that, I just actually just, I just actually just just just act Oh.

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