How to Grow Out Your Natural Hair Color

Hi I’m going to talk to you about how to grow your natural hair color this post has been highly requested for many many months and this has been almost a year or, I think it’s it’s been probably a year since, I stopped calling my hair, I thought it would be a good time to kind of celebrate my year going natural since this topic has been increasingly increasingly popular with people going into more natural makeup and trying to you know grow out their natural hair, I thought this post will be useful to those of you that are interested and to the ones that are not that’s fine you know, I want to tell you girls that before, I got to the stage where, I want to like grow my natural here and be all healthy. I’ve gone through that stage when, I was blonde, I bleached my hair.

So many times. I’ve had my share of coloring my hair and that’s why, I am at a point where, I feel like you know, I want to actually experience my natural hair again and see what what my hair colors actually naturally is let’s get into answering some of the questions that. I’ve been getting and one of the main questions that.

I’ve been getting is why did, I decide to stop coloring my hair ever since. I’ve been young. I’ve been wanting to have you know lighter hair.

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So, I was always dreaming of having blonde hair and as soon as, I turned 15, I was determined, I got a bleach and, I bleached my hair my hair and my G turned out pretty ugly but at the time, I was happy to even have that color because like, I was you know obsessed, I wanted to have light it here and that was it and of course my parents weren’t really happy about it and, I was like no, I need to have light hair like, I meant to have lighter hair bla bla bla. So, I understand any of you that are bleaching and calling me here like. I’ve gone through that myself and, I was really happy at the time from the age of 15 till probably the age of 21 maybe even 22, I was coloring my hair blonde.

So, I went through bleaching it highlighting it having low light highlights, I was a bleached blonde dirty blonde, I had all kinds of caramel blonde. So, I went through all those stages where you know my hair went through a lot of chemical chemical processing and bleaching and all that. So my hair was pretty damaged, I remember when, I turned around 21 22, I just felt like, I can’t do this to my hair in your longer, I honestly can I’m just gonna color a darker and let it grow out but at the time, I didn’t realize that it’s not going to be that easy.

So, I color my hair like pretty much up black color and in a few washes it like honestly washed out – really weird color. So, I had to color it again and for the last few years that’s what. I’ve been doing.

I’ve been coloring my hair because my natural hair has been damaged. So much with all the bleaching and all the chemicals that anytime, I would color my hair it would wash out even if, I use the color you know shampoo for color-treated hair it was just like my hair doesn’t retain the color anymore because the shaft of the hair is so damaged at first, I used to think it’s maybe something that you know my hair stylist is doing maybe she’s using some kind of a you know like inexpensive or not a good quality hair dyes but once.

I’ve done more research into learning hair and here dies, I realized that it’s not my stylist my hair stylist it’s the it’s my actual hair that it’s been damaged to the point where even if you color it it kind of leaks out the colors. So much because it’s. So damaged.

So, I was like oh my god, I don’t want to color it anymore but at the same time you know if you don’t color the hair you end up end up having 20 million colors in your hair and that’s something you might have to face if you decide to go an all-natural like, I did nevertheless, I decided to go for this challenge and, I don’t ever remember what my natural hair looks like anymore and, I want to know, I wanted in my you know 20s soon, I might get gray hairs and then, I won’t even know what my I’ll have to color my hair and, I won’t even know what my hair color is like, I need to go back to my natural hair color, I don’t care how hard it’s gonna be, I just want to see my natural hair color and, I want my hair of course to be healthy you know last time, I colored it, I colored it off black, I don’t know if you if you ladies remember it was last July or last August like maybe early August that, I colored it pretty dark and, I was even wearing of black you know extensions to match that color and then that was the last time, I colored my here. So from that time to today you can see that the color completely washed out, I did not did and, I didn’t do anything else to my hair. So this is what ended up hand me having because my hair didn’t retain obviously that dark color and, I washed out into this you know kind of um, I don’t know what this color is anymore but you know if you can see the natural color is up to here right now.

So it’s up to my ears. So if, I were to cut my hair short right now, I would have all natural color it would look really nice but I’m not willing to do that. So what, I think frequently asked questions is how can, I grow my natural hair and the answer is really really simple you just have to stop coloring it and yes once you stop coloring it your roots aren’t going to come out and the bottom of your hair will be a different color and honestly there is not much you can do with that because if you’re really serious about it you’ll have to go through that awkward stage and you’ll just have to face the fact that your hair is not two different shades, I mean if your hair is very different in colors.

So let’s say you are a brunette but usually blonde right now and you want to go back to you know being a brunette you’ll have to first color your hair brown or chestnut brown dark brown whatever your natural hot color is and then chances are it will probably wash out to kind of a lighter shade. So you might have to color it a few times before you can actually say I’m gonna let it go out and not bother about coloring it at all of course it’s also really important to eat a healthy diet it’s it’s extremely important you are what you eat pretty much. So if you want to have healthy hair and you’re eating junk food it’s just not going to happen.

So you want to research into what foods you can eat you to supply your body with protein that your hair needs with vitamins that your hair needs that it’s the hair that’s growing naturally now is healthy and vibrant and shiny. So you want to research into that and you know very healthy balanced diet you might have to take some vitamins and supplements that’s what. I’ve been doing personally, I used to take some vitamins and then, I heard about biotin and now, I research into that and now I’m taking this protein shape called Vega it’s really awesome because it’s a it’s a vegan protein shake and it has everything you can imagine in it from biotin to B B vitamins folic acid it has iron everything everything but I’m really excited because it already has biotin.

So, I don’t have to take it separately. So, I drink that instead of all the vitamins that, I used to. So it’s just that one shake it tastes disgusting but you know it’s it’s really good for you.

So you know taking vitamins and all that wonderful stuff also getting regular trims in the last years since, I stopped coloring my hair, I probably got at least 5 trims. So if, I didn’t cut my hair it would have probably been up to here but, I had to color it because the ends are damaged and you know every two three months, I go for a regular trim that’s something, I just absolutely have to do because as it’s growing out and as, I you know, I am in the Sun or, I stop my hair the ends are getting really especially because these ends are the ends that have been colored they’re very fragile they’re very damaged. So it just makes sense to keep trimming them until, I go to until my own hair completely grows out now, I think it’s really important to mention all the things you have to expect when you stop coloring your hair and some of the things are obviously the fact that your hair is going to be two different colors and there’s nothing you can do about it.

So you will have to go through that a little awkward maybe a little messy kind of stage, I don’t really like you because you know when, I stop coloring my hair, I mean it was getting to the really awkward ugly stage Leila was telling me oh my god is this ombre trend and all the celebrities are you know have this darker roots and lighter ends and I’m like no way and then obviously got no mainstream popular and you know, I saw. So many girls actually going and bleaching their ends and I’m like don’t do it but you know it got really popular that nobody really paid attention to the fact that my my ends were lighter than the roots because you know this is really trendy right now regardless of that, I still got a lot of kind of rude comments from people especially because we have a hair blog and you know we’re exposed to showing our hair all the time you know people saying curl you need to get your hair done or having have you not seen yourself in the mirror you know a lot of kind of rude comments saying that you know you need to color here. So you can you can expect that it’s natural people will always comment on something.

So whether it’s your friends or your family or some strangers might tell you that you have to be strong to withhold all those negative comments and say no I’m gonna stay strong I’m gonna I’m not gonna given that temptation to color my hair it’s just not gonna happen. So this is something that you know, I have to personally experience and, I was like doesn’t matter what people say. I’ve made my decision I’m not color in my hair doesn’t matter what any was just expected be okay with it and know that doesn’t matter what people say if you have made the decision to grow up your natural hair you’re trying to go into this more healthy lifestyles it’s okay just just accept people and accept the things that they say like, I mentioned you might look like a hot mess for a little while but the best thing is that hair grows and it’s not gonna last forever eventually it’ll grow out and you look like yourself again and you’ll have a healthier hair now it’s been a year and what’s been happening is that it’s getting to a point where it’s getting lower than my ears and once it gets to this point kind of maybe of another month or.

So I’m thinking to get another trim and then ask my hairstylist because I’m sure there’s different more natural hair dyes that, I can use to just color the ends because if, I don’t color my ends in another month or. So, I won’t be able to wear extensions anymore because it’s just gonna look all weird. I’ve been able to get away with it for as long as, I could but in another month or two, I don’t think, I will be anymore.

So, I want to color just the ends of my hair to know the roots of my hair. So, I won’t touch this part I’ll just color the ends and then let it grow out and again trim it trim trim it until to the point it grows out completely why, I couldn’t do that before is up until it grows up to here it’s really hard for them to color the bottom without actually touching the roots now. I’ve tried to do that before and she my hairdresser completely must she colored all of the hair because she’s like it’s if you only have this much roots you know and you’re you just want to color the bottom to the roots it’s going to be really hard for them not to get it on the roots cause like they’re gonna lift the hair it’s just gonna be quite impossible but if your hair is like lower than the ears then it’s it’s very easy for them to just start coloring from here and to the bottom without touching all this health shiny natural hair if you have an experience with growing out your natural hair please leave a comment down below and tell me about your personal story other than that thank you.

So much for joining me in this post and I’ll see you guys soon bye.

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