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Hello how are you all doing, I am happy to be back in my own room as you can see, I am back in Toronto for now. So today’s tutorial is actually something very different exciting and fun and the reason is different exciting and fun is because it’s different like, I said it’s a it’s a tutorial that will definitely get people looking at you and staring you because this kind of hairstyle is.

So cute and. So out of the ordinary and at the same time it’s it’s fairly easy to do it and as you can see, I love things that are simple and easy. So I’d love to show you today how to do that in a few minutes and what I’m talking about is a hair bow.

So it’s a really cute hair bow that is gonna be right here on top of the head. So let’s get to it what you’re gonna need for this hair tutorial is a hairbrush you’re gonna need a hair spray um we’re gonna need some bobby pins and a few hair elastics I’ll probably just need one but, I have a few just in case. So um, I am wearing my lucky hair extensions but I’m only wearing a few left because, I don’t need all of the hair for this tutorial and what I’m wearing is the two for the two EFTS that have four clips and one wet that has three clips.

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So it’s like it’s like maybe 40% of the set. So what we’re gonna do first is just brush all of the hair. So just brush the hair thoroughly to make sure there’s no tangles or anything all right and now that you brush the hair you want to just now that you brush all the hair you want to just have all your hair kind of in a high ponytail on this side.

So you just gather all the hair together and pull it up in a high pointy and if you have bumps you just want to smooth it out with a brush or your fingers whatever works whatever works better perfect. So now as you’re making a ponytail you on the last as you’re securing the hair you want to bring the hair like the ends of the hair to the front and I’ll show you what, I mean by that. So you kind of have this this bump on the side and the ends of the hair are facing the front like this.

So you see what, I mean and now what you’re gonna do with this hair it’s kind of just fan it out just fan it out like that and what I’m gonna do now is kind of create the bow it’s really easy you just split the hair in between like somewhere in the middle. So you have two ends. So grab the ends of the hair and just bring it over.

So just need a few more bobby pins on there on the other side to just secure the ends of this of the hair the hair that’s creating the bow and then what you want to do with these ends just kind of like pin them down do you see what I’m doing. So just grabbing the ends and pinning it down to the hair and use as many as you feel you need okay you want to do the same exact thing with other side actually maybe I’ll use another one and do the same thing here. So we’re almost done I’m just gonna fix the hair that’s falling out like the side of the hair there’s kind of a fallout.

So what I’m gonna do is just use bobby pins to them to hide that here and to pin it down more. So I’m pretty much done I’m just gonna show you what, I have. So far and, I really all, I have to do to finish off this look is just spray because if, I wanted to stay there you know and not fly away, I need to spray it quite a lot and I’m just gonna be using my favorite and let L’Oreal hair spray you can get it we get a lot of questions about this hair spray and you can pretty much give it anywhere, I buy it a Shoppers Drug Mart which is our version of ultra Ulta, I think in the u.

s. you can probably get at a Walmart or any other you know drugstore and again that’s unlit L’Oreal hair spray and the reason we like it actually is because it doesn’t make you hair sticky and if specially if you use it on here extensions after you’ve sprayed you here to get it curly or wavy whatever you can brush out the hairspray and you know restyle your sessions at the from way next time you wear it. So again I’m just gonna spray the bowl and that’s it thank you guys.

So much for tuning in today, I hope you really enjoyed this hair tutorial and definitely give it a shot it’s it’s definitely easier than it seems trust me just try it out and please don’t forget to rate this post down below and leave a comment, I love reading your comments guys. So keep them coming thank you. So much for reading and I’ll see you guys soon bye.

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