How to Have Healthy Summer Hair

It’s summer time which means that it’s sending out in the ocean, and the pools, and out in the Sun to have some fun but the thing is that we know that’s not really great for your hair the Sun causes tons of damage to your hair as the saltwater, and chlorine filled pools it causes things like tangled, and dryness, and brittleness, and breakage, and color fading in the Sun, and none of that is desirable unless you want some free highlights from the Sun aside from that none of those are very good things. So let’s talk about some little things that you can do in your summer routine to go ahead, and protect your hair from any of those things happening from being out in the pool or the Sun first of all if you have on here like me you’ve probably already discovered that you can’t just go, and jump in the ocean or jump in a pool of an expect your hair to be nice, and flow afterwards you’re going to have a date angle a mess on your hands now what. I like to do in that situation is to go ahead, and braid my hair before. I ever get in a pool or in the ocean. Because then my hair can’t float around in the water it can get messed up it’s all kind of put in one place. So it can’t tango. I found even ponytails don’t work for me. Because even though it’s mostly secure the ends is still floating around. And I can still tango really badly.

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So braids are the way to go, and the other thing is that you can make your right super elaborate you can do more than one braid. So that you can have really cute hair on the beach, and really we tangle free at the end of the day is a huge plus next thing that could happen in the summertime is brittleness, and dryness in your hair that comes primarily from the water. Because you’re going to have saltwater at an ocean, and of course the salt, and the water is going to dry your hair out immensely chlorine, and other chemicals that are in pools are very drawing when your hair not to mention that you have the Sun coming down, and baking your hair. So lots of chances for dryness, and with dryness comes brittleness your hair will break more easily, and it can be a little bit frizzier none of those things are quite desirable. So what can you do to go ahead, and avoid that first thing that you can do is to wet your hair before you actually put it into your braids. I find the braids actually will have less flyways, and look a little bit more pretty when you braid your hair wet anyway. So that’s a plus for you but putting that water in their first it’s actually going to help to provide a little bit of a barrier between your hair, and the salt water or the chlorine water. Because it will kind of surround each strand, and just protect it a little b it’s not you know completely foolproof that. I deaths add a little bit of protection for added protection you can actually use a living conditioner as well once you get your hair works to leave in conditioner or normal conditioner through your hair, and then braid it that’s going to provide even more protection around each strand but it’s also providing nutrients, and extra moisture retention. So it’s going to help your hair to stay more moisturized even when it’s being surrounded by harmful chemicals. So that’s another great plus that you can be yourself, and the one that. I would recommend is the foci glossing cream.

I’ve talked about this one before. I liked it. I has a cream consistency which means that is going to hold on to the hair a little better. Because it’s a little bit more oil base, and we both know that water, and oil don’t really work together and. So it actually helped to repel water from your hair rather than let it get into your hair. So say it’s a little bit more creamy a little bit more oil based would be a little bit better for protecting your hair during summer all that you can do before the beach but you can also do some stuff after the beach first thing that you want to think about is rinsing all of those chemicals out of your hair as quickly as possible specially at the pool. Because those chemicals sitting on your hair can do undeniable things to your hair color, and can cause a lot of that for the list of dryness that we’re talking about avoiding. So if at all possible rinse off either immediately after a very soon after you get out of the pool or the ocean. I know that’s not completely practical especially if you’re going to be at the beach all day but just keep that in mind whenever you’re kind of planning when your post beat your post pool shower is going to be it should be a little closer to what you get out then later. Because that will help to get all those chemicals out, and get your hair to toxify it as quickly as possible that you can do is to use a deep conditioner now you can do that about once or twice a week. And I definitely recommend doing that in the summertime oil be out at the pool or the ocean or the Sun. Because like. I said damaging for your hair.

So replenishing those nutrients that those different elements are taking out of your hair is very essential. So if post beach you’ve already done your one to two washes with your deep conditioner you can go ahead, and put your normal conditioner on, and then just let it sit on your hair while you wash your body your face shape whatever you need to do, and that way it has a little bit more time to work on your hair, and make it more supple, and more soft, and a little bit shinier it will just help your hair to have some more time to absorb those really good ingredients, and of course you can always follow up either of those two showers with a deep conditioner or normal conditioner with a leave-in conditioner, and your hair will be thoroughly condition, and hopefully will be counteracting any of the bad things that can happen in the pool or at the beach, and we’re. Because of this one the final thing that happens is the Sun is colorless or color fading now we all know that the Sun lightens our hair some of us want that. So if you guys want the free head highlights that the Sun gives you as totally fine go for it but if some of you guys want to protect the color that you either put in from box color at the drugstore or that you paid a lot more in the salon there’s a couple things that you can do first of all there are some leave-in conditioners that you have uva UVB shields in them to help kind of protect your hair color a little bit they’re not quite as foolproof as you know completely covering your hair but they do a little bit of extra safeguarding for your hair. So they’re actually going to use throughout the summer even if you’re just going to be running a couple errands outside if you really want to protect your color it would be good to go ahead, and make sure that when you choose your leave in conditioner you choose one that helps to filter UVA or UVB rate, and the final thing that is really going to be helpful for you, and the is the one. I recommend the most is to wear a hat or a scarf on your head now puppy hats are totally trendy right now. So you can totally pull it off if you want to it’s really easy just to throw it on, and just go for it you can wear a little retro swimsuit or you could pick a different hat that’s a little more country Bohemia whatever you want to do whatever your style is, and it will help to protect your color in your hair. So that you don’t have to worry about boy max the colors you know five times every month to try to fix your color. Because that would not be good for your hair either hopefully these tips can help you to have a nice healthy here this summer, and you’re protecting your hair as much as possible especially if you’re hitting the beach in the pool every single day. I would definitely start utilizing some of these tips to go ahead, and keep your hair as healthy as possible. I hope you guys have a very safe fun time at the beach in the pool. And I will see my next post.

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