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Hi how are you doing today I’m not gonna be doing a hair tutorial I’m actually gonna be talking to you about something really interesting and exciting and a question that, I get asked quite a lot and it is how do you have such shiny hair and personally, I don’t do anything you know supernatural or extravagant to my hair to have shiny hair, I just really take care of it to the best of my abilities and today I’m gonna be sharing with you some of my favorite tips and tricks that, I use to have healthy and shiny hair and also some of the products that. I’ve tried and, I know they work. So let’s begin alright.

So my most favorite trick for shiny hair is gonna be something super easy and you’re gonna say Mimi you’ve told this to me. So many times and yes I’m gonna repeat it one more time trick number one for a healthy and shiny here is h2o the funny thing is, I talked about water quite a lot of my posts but the reason, I talk about it. So much is I’m actually talking to myself because I’m actually not drinking of water even though theoretically and logically, I understand the water is.

So important for healthy skin and hair and nails okay.. So I’ve been slacking and whenever, I slack and, I don’t drink enough water, I can see right away in the quality of my hair and the quality of my skin if.

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I’ve been drinking enough water or not. I’ve been going to the same hairstylist for many years in Toronto and every time, I go to her if, I haven’t been drinking enough water you know I’d be sitting in her chair and she’d be cutting my hair or blow-dry my hair and she’d be like you haven’t been drinking enough water um you know like how do you know that it’s just like, I can see it your hair’s dull it’s not as shiny as it can be why aren’t you drinking water just drink water and, I would be like okay you’re right, I do drink a lot of liquids I’m like coconut water and, I like herbal teas but, I feel like sometimes that actually blocks me from drinking of water. So what.

I’ve been trying doing lately is just when I’m working to have a bottle or a glass of water glass is not enough what initially yeah. I’ve done if you have a large bottle and just have it beside your computer or work this and if you’re gonna have it there you’re gonna constantly sip on it and that’s how you’re gonna get enough water in your system water equals shining you’re here because it hydrates your hair from the inside and your skin of course too if you’re not drinking enough water you’re gonna have dull and not shiny here and if you drink your water it’s gonna reflect in the quality of your hair. So tip number one drink enough water how much is enough really depends on you know your body weight and your height on average you want to drink about eight glasses of water but again you can google and find out the exact amount for you based on your weight ratio and height ratio my second most favorite trick to shiny here and this is like one of the oldest tricks in the book my mom used to do this on me and Leila when we’re kids is to use apple cider vinegar as a rinse for your hair right now you might be thinking what vinegar that’s right ask your mom ask you me the older sister and they will all maybe even your grandma they will all tell you this is a proven trick to give you shiny hair if you’ve never tried, I urge you to go and give it a try what you want to use is not a regular vinegar you want to use an organic unpasteurized you know the best stuff that you can get an organic unpasteurized apple cider vinegar you can get it at healthful stores or you can get at Whole Foods, I get mine at Whole Foods and then what you want to do.

So after you shampoo your hair if your hair is dry and damaged like mine, I would suggest shampoo condition and then rinse it with apple cider water vinegar if your hair is fine baby fine and soft then you just want to shampoo your hair and then rinse it with apple cider vinegar and water instead of a conditioner which is incredible it’s gonna make your hair full and shiny in terms of proportions again you have to work it with yourself to figure out how much to add four more dryer hair you want to add less apple cider vinegar. So, I would say, I add about half a cup of apple cider vinegar to about 3/4 full cups of water, I figured out that this is the best that works for me if your hair is more fine, I find that you’d be able to add more apple cider vinegar after, I shampoo my hair and chen© I’ll do the mixture before, I take a shower and I’ll have it prepared in sort of a bowl you can also put it in a spray bottle but personally, I find that it’s not the most pleasant experience. So, I just prefer to past you know just kind of put my head down and then just pour the whole mixture on my head.

So, I don’t put it all right away I’ll pour someone at the top of my head and I’ll pour some at the bottom of my hair because you want to concentrate more on the middle and the end of the hair and then once, I put in my hair, I squeeze my hair. So, I squeeze all the extra liquid out of my hair and, I don’t wash it out, I personally just leave it in my hair why apple cider vinegar is good for you first of all is because it neutralizes the pH levels of your hair your hair has it’s like the bark of a tree. So it has a lot of things that like come up what apple cider vinegar does it’s kind of smooth is the bark and your hair look shiny when it’s dry.

So it’s pretty awesome pretty epic give it a try and you’ll see the results, I don’t use it every single time, I wash your hair quite frankly I’m too lazy for that if you use it at least you know once or twice a month, I think that would be more than enough one more thing, I forgot to add about the apple cider vinegar cuz, I said, I don’t rinse it after put in my hair is that you might be thinking okay my hair is gonna stink it does smell at first, I don’t mind the smell too much after your hair is dry the smell goes away. So once you dry your hair the smell is gonna be gone, I can get it to you it does not okay just give it another tip that gives me shiny hair is instead of a towel use an old t-shirt you can use your t-shirt honestly, I would suggest to use your dad’s or your boyfriend’s or your brothers t-shirt because they’re bigger the bigger the t-shirt the easier it is to put the hair because we have most of us have longer hair it just makes it more comfortable to have a bigger t-shirt personally what, I do is, I steal Alex’s old t-shirt and then, I use them as towels once you come out of the shower just squeeze your hair before you come out because you want to take out all the excess moisture and then just dry your hair like normally would with a towel but use a t-shirt instead of a towel because the t-shirt doesn’t have those fuzzy things like the towel has it smooth is the hair cuticle and it doesn’t create frizz and pods on the hair which results in shinier hair after, I dried my hair with a t-shirt, I blow dry it with a round brush and usually I’ll blow-dry it straight or wavy and then after I’m done with that what, I use is argan oil, I find this gives a lot of shine as well and you just want to make sure that you use just a tiny teeny tiny bit, I don’t know if, I should put in my hair because already put but I’ll just show you this is really good for your skin too this is literally how much, I put, I don’t know if you guys can see but it’s like tiny drop because if you put anything more than that here it’s gonna look greasy and all that work blow-drying your hair is gonna go to nothing also when you buy an argan oil for hair, I think the most important thing is turn the bottle around and read the ingredients before, I used to use josie maran argan oil and, I really liked it the one that she has different ones but she has the one for here and then, I ran out of it when, I moved to London and, I went to a drugstore and there was a few different brands as, I was going through different brands some of them had argan oil as the last ingredient. So make sure when you’re choosing your argan oil for here that you look at the back and you read the ingredients there should only be maybe two three different ingredients and argan oil should be the first ingredients because that’s what you paying for these products are super expensive and you want to make sure you don’t get scammed when you buy this product another product that, I find gives me a lot of shine and moisture and just overall toughness in my hair is this product by rawa it’s called Omega 9 hair mask i bought it recently.

And I’ve only used it once. So far and, I couldn’t believe the results, I think, I put a little too much actually because my hair ended up looking a little too shiny and a little too flat natural in my hair is very coarse and frizzy. So, I was shocked at the results, I think it was a little too much shiny, I usually put a very generous amount of product into my hair because my hair is naturally dry.

So, I think it the more the better but, I think with this product next time just put a lot less, I truly believe, I overdid it but, I found my hair was very soft very manageable and super super shiny as you guys already know all the products, I use are natural and cruelty-free. So this is also very very clean and natural organic product the secret of these products is that it has a special longer ajo oil from the amazon i can never pronounce it right it’s a very potent oil and that’s what makes the hair really shiny and soft now i’m having talked about this product if you hear is fine i would not recommend it i feel like it’s just gonna make your hair really greasy. So i would only recommend this product if you hear is dull and frizzy and coarse certain like mine or if you have naturally curly hair then this might work for you and not that clean and natural product that i found is really great is this hair shine by intelligent nutrients also a really great product i’m this one i bought in a store here in london just a small boutique that carries natural products but you can probably order online or get it not whole foot online this one, I got at Whole Foods actually which is pretty awesome because now they have a whole range of intelligent nutrient products there what, I love about this one is just I’m gonna spray it.

So you guys can see. So you can just literally spray this in your hair you see and it smells like there is citrusy, I love citrusy scent, I use this product personally when my hair is already sort of dry and dull. So maybe second day or third day here or if, I didn’t get a chance to wash my hair.

So I’ll just actually spray this onto my palm Spurs because, I want to control the amount of the product I’m putting my hair if, I put too much then again it’s gonna end up looking greasy. So, I spray this onto my palms and then I’ll just do like this and then I’ll just go on the ends of my hair the reason, I don’t want to put in my hair right now maybe I’ll put a little. So you guys can see it’s just because my hair is freshly washed.

So you just put a little bit at the bottom of your hair alright guys. So these are all my favorite tips tricks and products for shiny and smooth hair let me know what are your favorite products, I would absolutely love to hear from you because, I know you guys know a lot of tricks as well. So make sure to leave me a comment down below, I love reading your comments make sure to like this post and also make to share with your girlfriends because who doesn’t want to have shiny and smooth hair thank you.

So much for tuning in, I love you guys. So much and I’ll see you next week.

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